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July, 18 2013 / Do

Who Said Paper and Pen were old Fashioned?

Digital Paper and Pen Beats Rock.

Traditional stationery lovers across the world can rejoice in unison as the humble paper and pen has been given a 21st century revamp. The boffins in ink-strewn workshops across the globe have been hard at work, pumping cutting edge technology into pens, to make both learning to write, and uploading important information much easier.

The Digital Pen and Paper

Ever wondered why it takes so long to ‘process’ papers? That’ll be because the Digital Pen isn’t widely available! Currently designed and created to bespoke needs within the corporate world, the digital pen and paper system works just like their traditional counterparts, with a new-age twist. Whatever you write or draw is collected digitally using a tiny camera in the pen that captures an exact copy. You can then upload the data using a mobile phone or computer.

Write of Way

And that’s not all. Currently in prototype form is the Vibrating Pen, developed by German founders Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher. This aid to writing has two modes – Calligraphy mode, where the pen vibrates if a letter is written incorrectly, and Orthography mode, where the pen vibrates once if a word is misspelled and twice if it detects a grammatical error.

Hope for Handwriting

So the art of handwritten paperwork may well have a much needed revival, ironically, with thanks to advances in technology. But if you can’t wait for these pieces of sophisticated stationery to reach the shelves of your favourite Stationery Supplier, then perhaps a good old jotter and notebook will just have to do!

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