Save on Christmas Decorations

December 02, 2015 / Do

Shop bought Christmas decorations can be pretty expensive, especially the more unusual ones such as glass ornaments. If you are looking to breath a bit of life into your Christmas decoration box why not try making your own. It doesn’t break the bank for one (which a trip around your local garden centre might!) and two; it’s a good excuse to get the glitter glues out!

We had a go at making a wreath for the door and decorations for the tree, all made using things you probably have in your craft collection and a few extras such a pine cones and a plate!

If you have children grab the coats and go for a walk looking for pine cones (wooded areas are you best bet!). To create a natural looking tree ornaments simply thread string or twine around the top of your pinecone and decorate using glitter for a twinkly effect when the tree lights shine off them or simply white paint for the frosted look.

Click here to see step by step instructions and a full list of everything you need to get started…

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