Top 5 tips for Christmas Gift Wrapping

December 11, 2015 / Do

We’ve all been there, its December, Christmas is fast approaching and the threat of present wrapping looms. Most of us end up stiff, cold and covered in scraps of chewed off sticky tape by the end of a long session.

Not much fun some might say, so here at Ryman we came up with 5 ways to take the pain out of Christmas wrapping.

#1 Invest in a tape dispenser

This is truly the best advice we can give when it comes to making gift wrapping easy. Say goodbye to wasting minutes of your life turning the roll over and over searching for the end, getting more infuriated by the second!

Say hello to easy tear strips of perfectly sized sticky tape – ready when you are! We love the pop up tape dispenser from Scotch which sits comfortably on your wrist – leaving your hands free.

#2 Treat your back this Christmas - find a table

Somehow we find ourselves contorted on the living room rug, stiff, aching and our extremities tingling with pins and needles. The answer?

Get up and find a table! (If you haven’t got a table stand at the kitchen counter). This way you have a flat surface on which to roll out your paper, somewhere to put your wrapping essentials so they are within easy reach and you won’t find yourself absently wondering if your foot has fallen off.

#3 Think outside the ‘box’

Wrapping boxes is challenging enough for most of us, so what happens when you are presented with a bottle or worse still – a spherical object? Opt for tissue paper and a gift bag of course!

#4 Gift Wrapping Checklist – Must have for any die hard wrapper.

1. A decent pair of scissors (don’t fray your paper with a blunt pair!)

2. Tape and a dispenser (and more tape than you need - you don’t want to be searching drawers and cupboards if you run out mid-wrap sesh)

3. Bows, ribbon and gift tags

4. Fine Marker Pens or coloured gel pens (for writing gift tags)

#And finally – wrapping paper (which leads us nicely into point 5…)

#5 Nothing says ‘festive’ more than homemade gift wrap

Surprisingly easy to do, cheap and more importantly loads of fun. To make our homemade wrapping paper we used a roll of Kraft paper and decorated using pens, glitter and finished with tartan ribbon. Hook a candy cane through the ribbon for an extra treat for the recipient and a stick of cinnamon for a nice waft of Christmas.

Check out our step by step guide here as well as plenty more Festive Crafts to try this Christmas.

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