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When was the last time that you backed up the data from your laptop or phone? Most of us live pretty hectic lives, juggling work and family life so it's not surprising backing up our data can sometimes fall by the wayside.

The 31st March is World Backup Day, a day for raising awareness of the importance of personal and professional data and making sure we back it up. This national day falls just before April Fools every year - another little nudge to help you remember!

What is a Data Backup?

Basically, a backup is a second copy of all of your important files that may be stored on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Both personal and professional data can be backed up. Important digital letters such as insurance documents, emails and most precious, your photos and videos that once lost, simply cannot be replaced.

Data backup should be done much more frequently than once a year, however World Backup Day gives the world a much needed reminder of how important it is to do.

Why Would I Need To Back Up My Data?


Your phone or laptop may get stolen immediately losing your data

Corrupted or Crashed Hard Drive

Hard drive failure may result in lost files that can not be recovered

A Virus

Viruses can cause physical damage or formatting errors which can permanently damage your data

The purpose of a backup is to have a recovery plan should the primary data become inaccessible for whatever reason. It's a great idea to keep backups online or, at the very least, on a second hard drive, internal drive or hardware such as CDs.

Save and protect your personal information and cherished memories in just a few clicks. To celebrate World Backup Day we've compiled some of the best storage devices and hard drives to make the job as easy as possible.


Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive 2TB USB 3.0

Ultra-slim, lightweight and compact, perfect to pop in your bag or pocket so you can back up your files while on the go. The Seagate Dashboard software provides added convenience. Schedule an automatic backup or run a one-click backup to protect your files - it's never been easier.

. Share your files between Windows and Mac computers

. Slim, metal design provides premium portability

. Protect your data with easy flexible backups

Verbatim Pinstripe USB Drive 64GB

Transfer your data with this Verbatim 64GB Pinstripe Driver. Transport and store personal data, pictures or work files from one location to another. A USB Storage Device is only active when plugged into a USB connector and draws all necessary power from the supply provided by that connection.

. 64GB

. Minimum Read Speed: 10MB/sec

. Minimum Write Speed: 4MB/sec

Verbatim 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

This Store 'N' Go superspeed portable hard drive from Verbatim is perfect for transferring documents and data easily between home and office. This stylish and slim hard drive fits neatly into your bag, laptop case or desk. With high speed and high capacity storage this is a fast and safe solution to expand storage or back up files.

. 2 year limited warranty included

. USB 3.0

. 909,090 - Photos / 500,000 Songs / 4,000 Films

Storage Options 32GB AirStore Personal Cloud Storage

Connect directly to AirStore's folders and data from your smart device using the simple and intuitive app (available for Apple and Android devices). Access photos, listen to music and playback video straight from the built-in memory via WiFi. AirStore also lets you to share content with up to 3 people, access external Internet simultaneously and can be used as a power-bank to charge your smart device on the go.

. Connect directly to your data from PC, tablet or smartphone

. Access photos, listen to music, and playback video straight from built-in memory via WiFi or USB

. Eliminates the need for large, expensive on board storage in your phone or tablet

Verbatim CD-R 52x Spindle Pack of 50

Go old-school with this reliable hardware. High quality, write-once recordable compact disc that permanently stores all kinds of digital data. Excellent for system back-up, file and image storage.

. Permanent recording of the files copied or saved

. CDs can store books, music, images or software

. A predicted life span of up to 200 years for recorded CDs!

Shop Storage Devices for World Backup Day

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