Our Kids Review Back to School Must Haves

July 06, 2017 / Inspire

Buying anything for the kids to get them ready for school is always a daunting task. Kids can be notoriously difficult to shop with and buy for!

As you surf online for the best prices, smug in your super-organised parenting skills (glass of wine in hand) you slowly come to a fearful realisation.

Not only will it soon be time to do the hellish shop for all school must-haves from the “list” – but it will also be time to shop for the most contentious items of all - the school bag and the pencil case.

Have no fear though as we have asked some little experts to help!

Children certainly tell us as it is and give us their honest opinions! We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed filming it!

More About Our Little Experts

In total we invited 10 children from our business and our local areas to review the new back to school products before we take them to market.

It was amazing working with such professional reviewers, they gave us so much insight and, at times, lots of laughter too! We want to thank them all for their participation.

Thank you to:- Caidence – 10 years old, Kynan – 9 years old, Jenson – 10, Florence – 6, Lexie – 8, Oliver – 11, Carter –7, Casey – 6, Alfie – 4, Archie – 9, Alicia – 11.

The Reviewing Process

Once our experts arrived, they were invited into the “colouring” room (a.k.a. the boardroom) presented with lots of snacks, drinks, crayons and colouring books. As soon as they were ready to start their reviews, we let them all walk around the area the products were displayed and let them pick up and check out all the products we had.

Then we asked them to select their favourite items and then to talk about why they like them.

School Bag Review

When shopping for a school bag, not only does the way it looks matter to our kids, but they also felt that space is important. The more pockets a school bag has to keep things organised (or shove multiple school letter, wrappers and old worksheets) the better.

Also if the school bag has a water bottle section that’s a bonus too. The way that the bag feels is also important. Al the kids wanted to make sure it’s comfortable to carry (padded straps always a bonus) and not too heavy or tight around their shoulders.

Pencil Case Review

Choosing a pencil case is all about personal taste. Even our experts found it hard to choose which they liked best from our massive range!

Some preferred the character pencil cases, some the scented pencil cases, and others preferred the fury pencil cases. One of our kids especially loved the never-ending zipper pencil case! But one feature was common in all of our reviews…the most important thing is how much you can fit in it!

BONUS: - Pen and Pencil Review

Our kids had so much fun doing these videos that they even wanted to present you with a bonus pen review video! Hear our little expert’s thoughts on which pens and pencils they picked and why they are the best to use.

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