Best Gifts for Teachers

June 28, 2016 / Inspire

It’s a lovely idea to thank your child’s teacher for all their hard work over the last year with a handwritten note, card or gift. They may have showed your child some patience, given extra support when they were struggling or just been there for them every day with a smile and kind words.

We have put together some of the most thoughtful and cost effective gifts teachers will love!

More than just an apple kind of thank you

Teachers love post it notes so why not treat them to a pack of specially shaped ones such as Hearts, Stars or even Where’s Wally themed sticky notes!

Teachers no longer mark student work in red ink but rather opt for purple ink or green ink. Why not treat your teacher to a pack of pens for use in the next school year!

Alternatively lots of teachers love to use a teachers stamp to motivate pupils (and speed up the marking process) - sure to put a big smile on teachers face!

A handmade thank you

Making their teacher a card to say thanks is a really cost effective gift that means so much due to the time and effort put in. Let them go wild with coloured card, pens, glitter and anything else they want to add to this cheerful and treasured thank you.

Children might prefer to write a nice note or letter showing their appreciation. Some younger children may find moving up a year in school (or leaving primary school altogether) and saying goodbye to their much loved teacher totally unimaginable! So spend some time sitting down together to write a special message for the teacher to keep is a great way for children to process this change.

A Useful Thank You

Teachers notoriously have to take plenty of books and papers home to read and mark. What better gift than a shopper bag to hold their marking in. With prices around £10 this thank you gift is going to get a gold star.

A Cherished Thank You

The most cherished gift that a teacher can receive is something that has been handmade by their student. If your child enjoys loom bands or braiding then encourage them to create a bookmark for their teacher.

Or keep things simple and get some coloured card and cut out a rectangle around 16cm x 4cm. They can then decorate both sides with drawings of their school memories, favourite books or projects. To make it extra special punch two holes out of the top and thread a piece of coloured ribbon through into a bow.

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