Celebrating National Stationery Week - Kids Writing Competition

April 20, 2017 / Inspire

Living in this amazing digital age some people believe that one day in the distant future handwriting may die out completely!

Writing by Hand VS Typing…

Here at Ryman we believe otherwise. Putting pen to paper encourages creativity and imaginations to run wild. From jotting down notes every day at work or school to writing letters, keeping a diary or simply writing a birthday card – handwriting is still an important part of our lives.

As National Stationery Week is fast approaching we have decided to run a competition for kids to celebrate all the wonder of writing and encourage the next generation to stay true to writing by hand.

Kids Get Your Pens and Pencils Ready!

We are running a creative writing competition so if you have a young writer in your midst or your children are aged between 6-10 years or 11-15 years then we want to hear from you!

The Write Story

We invite you to handwrite a short story, no more than a page long from one of the plots below;

Plot 1

You have drawn a picture of a friendly monster, and suddenly it comes to life and spends the day with you. Describe what the monster looked like, what you did together, and finally how you said goodbye.

Plot 2

You have woken up with a new, very unusual super power. The ability to turn anyone you touch into stationery for one day, and one day only. How will you use this power? What do you do for the whole day? What do you turn people into? And why?

Be as creative and silly as you like, reaching to the far corners of your imagination for inspiration….

Top Tips for Writing a Short Story

Plan your story before you start writing to make it easier and to give it some structure.

Start With a Summary

Have an idea and write a short summary about what will happen in your short story including funny, dramatic or sad moments!


Who are the characters in your story? What are they like? What will they be wearing or what do they look like? Do they have a catch phrase or a thing they do that makes them interesting? These questions will help you introduce your characters to the reader.

The Setting

Don't forget to describe where the story is taking place, to set the scene for the reader, but as it's a short story you only need a few points, for example, you might say you are in the kitchen, in the garden or the living room. Use your five senses when writing about the scene to make it as vivid for your readers as possible.

What's the Prize?

The winner of each age group will win a creative bundle of goodies for handwriting and creative writing worth up to £250!

How to Enter?

Once you are happy with your story, write your name, age, and town at the bottom and take a quick photo of it – make sure it's clear enough to read, and get your Parent or Guardian to upload it to Facebook or Twitter by the 5th of May. Tag us into the picture - @rymanstationery using the hastag #writeitwithRyman. See competition terms and conditions here: www.ryman.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

We can't wait to read your stories! We will announce the winner on the 9th of May - Good Luck!

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