The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas for your Dad

May 09, 2018 / Inspire

With Father’s Day just around the corner make sure you have his gift in the bag here at Ryman. It’s possibly one of the toughest purchases of the year… most dads tend to have everything they want, so buying a great gift is tricky. It’s not as simple as that beautiful bunch of flowers that you treated Mum to on Mother’s Day, and you already played the aftershave card at Christmas…

Here we have come up with some Father’s Day gift inspiration (all for under £30!) to make your life easier and hopefully put a massive smile on your dad’s face that will last all year.

#1 Themed Monopoly

Board games are quite possibly the makers and breakers of family life, who hasn’t rowed over their favourite Hasbro tabletop classic? Why not treat dad to a brand new version of an old favourite, themed Monopoly!

Our premier football range sees you trade your way to success in the world of professional football by buying, selling and swapping your favourite team's most legendary football players, past and present.

If footy’s not his thing why not try him with a world of mystery, magic and mythical legends in a World of Warcraft edition? Battle with your opponents as you take over the World of Warcraft's most iconic locations. From the Twilight Highlands to the Swamp of Sorrows and in-between - they could all be his.

Alternatively, choose one of six DC characters to be his sidekick and assist him to battle his way around the board, building up a collection of heroes and villains in the DC Superheroes Monopoly Board Game. Watch out for the evil forces including The Joker and Lex Luthor as you compete against opponents to develop property.

Nothing says ‘Happy Father’s Day’ like an epic game of strategy and skill, so clear the table, choose your counter and prepare for battle.

#2 HD Dash Cam

Perfect for those gadget-loving dads out there, an HD Dash Cam caters for the car lovers as well as the tech lovers.

This cool dash camera allows dad to record excellent quality footage in 1080p HD with a 100-degree wide-angle camera, for multi-lane coverage as he drives! Seamless loop recording allows him to record over footage when the SD card is full, ensuring he never misses a thing.

#3 Tile Sport Item Finder

Starting at just £29.99 this bargain gadget could literally change your dad’s life! The Tile Sport is a water and dust-proof, tiny Bluetooth tracker that can help him find any lost items in seconds. Use the built-in smartphone app to make it sound an alarm if you lose track of it, or press the Tile twice to make your own smartphone make noise if you’ve lost that as well!

Apparently, we spend on average 10 minutes every day looking for misplaced items. Keys, wallet, TV remote or the even cat, to name but a few of the things he could waste his time hunting for. Revolutionise his world with this clever piece of tech, with the help of Tile Sport you can ensure he never permanently loses anything again. You’re not only giving the gift of gadgetry this Father’s Day, you are also giving him hours of his life back! Priceless.

#4 Wireless Headphones

A great gift that’s sure to be on dads wish list if he hasn’t already got a pair, are some over-ear headphones. Great for cancelling out background noise, dad can sit and listen to his ‘cool jam’ which is actually Radio 2, in peace.

Think wireless so he can mow the grass, retile the roof or enjoy other DIY tasks without being encumbered by wires! Most budget headphones still produce amazing sound quality and the soft, padded ear cups make this style much more comfortable to wear than its in-ear counterpart.

If your dads seriously into his music though why not pair this gift with a Music Listography . Great for lovers of every genre this fill-in journal will capture the soundtrack of his life and features a title and lines on one side and a quirky illustration on the other.

#5 Drone

Indulge his inner child with a fun to play with Drone. Let’s face it, the dad in your life needs a drone, especially if he loved to play with your Christmas presents more than you did as a kid…

Let him see the world through the eyes of a bird with his very own agile drone, perfect if your dad fancies himself as an amateur photographer.

Most drones are easy to control with a bit of practice and feature built-in HD cameras. Before you know it he will be recording all of your special family moments from the sky.

#6 Father’s Day is Coming

And so is season 8 of the epic TV series Game of Thrones. If he’s an avid watcher of the show, why not indulge him in a Game of Thrones gift?

While he nestles down in front of the box he can sip his favourite cold drink from these GOT tall glasses, each printed with the sigils and words from the houses of Westeros and Essos.

If a warm drink is more his bag then a nights watch or heat changing mug is the perfect vestibule for his morning coffee.

With a range of attractive notebooks available in each of the great houses, which will you choose; Baratheon, Lannister or maybe your dads more of a Tararyen kind guy?

Keeping with the board game theme why not indulge his natural curiosity with a Game of Thrones-themed Cluedo set. With all of his favourite characters featured, the aim of the game is to move around the board and pick up clues to identify the guilty party; maybe it’s John Snow?

#7 Marvel at Our Avengers Gifts

Control your excitement, the new Avengers film is out; Infinity War. Dad will love our range of Marvel superhero gifts featuring Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, especially if he’s a fan of the movies and comics.

We are excited to say that Moleskine has launched a range of Avengers notebooks, ideal for defending his notes and lists. Each cover features a line drawing of the characters and the graphics continue inside, with artwork exclusive to Moleskine. The perfect Father’s Day gift for your very own hero.

#8 Yoda One a Great Gift Idea?

If you rub along with your old man better than Luke does with Darth, why not treat him to some Star Wars goodies this Father’s Day. If he feels the force more than most dads, he will love our range of Star Wars stationery, from lightsabre Moleskine notebooks to stationery sets and multi-ink pens to name but a few great gift ideas.

Again, indulge his inner child and treat him to a 3D death starlight for his office, to embrace the dark side! This cool Star Wars novelty light looks as though it is bursting through the wall, nothing says thank you for being my dad like a planet-destroying battle station.

And dont forget to check out our range of personalised Fathers Day gifts, invest in a unique and bespoke gift that he will treasure for years to come.

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