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March 02, 2016 / Inspire

Video blogs (Vlogs) have boomed in popularity since 2000, and Vlogging has opened the door to many a media personality via the medium of YouTube. Filming anything and everything from favourite types of makeup and clothes to how to bake the perfect cake – the realms of vlogging are boundless.

One such star of the tube is Jim! Jim Chapman has been Vlogging on his YouTube channel since 2009 where he chats about love, life and other manly pursuits.

Jim is also the brain child behind James and Friends the quirky illustrative stationery range. Jim explores the notion of gadgets and devices as friends with playful references to blogging and selfies.

This unique and vibrant range combines Neon’s, Bright’s and Nudes in a stand out selection of back to school essentials.

We had a quick Questions and Answers sesh with Jim to find out exactly what inspired this unique designer range of stationery brought to you by this internet celebrity...

Q The range features lots of characters. What inspired them?

A Oddly, they started as animals but as I was working on it, they seemed to make more sense as technology-based characters.

Q Were there any characters or slogans which didn’t make the final range? Is there any others you would have liked to add?

A LOADS if characters never made it into real life, but there's definitely room for the family to grow!

Q You’re a busy guy with lots of work and projects running at once. How do you stay organised?

A I write EVERYTHING down. Big project and reminders to do the laundry. My mind is a sieve.

Q @mockingwalker Hello Jim! What’s your favourite thing about being a youtuber?

A Pretty much everything about. My favourite things are probably the creativity, the freedom, the support from the people who watch.

Q @roisinnmurphy How does it feel from being someone recording their lives to having your own stationery range?

A I've been filming my life for so long now that I don't really think about. Seeing my products in a shop is very odd to me though.

Q @zoellasbiscuits What made you come up with the name 'JamesAndFriends’?

A It wasn't actually me. My friend, Lucy just kind of blurted it out one day and I loved it. My real name is James and I think of my audience as friends.

Q @jimchapmxn What inspired you to make stationary instead of a book etc??

A I wanted to make something that I'd use. I go through stationary REALLY fast and it just made perfect sense.

Q @louistoo05 What was your favourite thing about creating your stationery?

A I loved the early stages of drawing the characters. I had no idea they would end up as stationary, I just started doodling!

Q @_Natalie_Pang_ Which product did you think to make first?

A The note book. Originally, there was only going to be a notebook, but then I got carried away

A massive Thank You to everyone who sent in their questions, you can check out Jim’s You Tube Channel

Follow him on Twitter

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And don’t forget to explore his unique stationery range here!

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