Let’s Get Organised | 8 Home Office Organisation Ideas

January 02, 2019 / Inspire

Using clever storage systems and creative thinking can lead you to a more organised life.

As the old saying goes - ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. When it comes to resolutions, there’s no better rule of thumb. Follow our easy guide to planning and organising, so you will smash your ‘let’s get organised’ resolutions for this year.

Here’s how you can get organised and feel in control of the home and office for the next 12 months.

Identify your organisation goals

Identify the chaos spots. What causes you the most stress? Piles of papers in a corner of your office, a messy desk or stacks of letters and bills in your kitchen? Lack of time and control over the family schedules? A feeling that the mess is creeping into other rooms of your house such as bedrooms and living areas?

Once you’ve identified the chaos spots there are two types of solutions;

Physical: a practical solution such as buying storage boxes, changing furniture, having a huge tidy up and clear out.

Psychological: making a plan or schedule, devising a strategy or list and creating goals

With a clearer vision of the issues and what is required to fix them, why not pick three goals to work on? Bullet journaling is ideal for this - a straightforward way to create lists, plans and smash your organisational goals.

Schedule your life to make things easier

Leading a hectic and busy life (as many of us do!) can often mean that non-essential tasks disappear from your radar leading to stress and a feeling of disorganisation.

Late library books, a missed dentist appointment or a frustrated phone call from a friend who you’ve accidentally stood up can be ignored if they are isolated events. The trouble is when these ‘slip-ups’ mount up. It won’t take you long to feel out of control and the psychological pressure of ‘messing up’ can increase the chances of doing it again.

Take back control with a planner or diary

Keep a desk planner in front of you each day for visual prompts and reminders. You don’t have to give up your smartphone calendars or other gadgets - but backing up your digital diary with a paper copy is always a good idea. However, by adding in a desk planner - or a family wall planner, you will increase your memory recall and are less likely to forget things.

Scribbling important reminders into a diary is another great way to keep up with your busy life and your family schedules. It may seem obvious but diaries are often overlooked. Make a commitment to check your diary each evening after tea so you can feel prepared for the day, or week ahead.

Choose a classic design or a diary with an on trend cover and you’ll look forward to whipping it out when you’re with your friends to arrange the next get together. Why not treat yourself to a personalised diary; perfect for work or play.

To improve your memory and recall even further, use a simple colour coding system for different types of appointments, or for different members of the family. You’ll be winning at the scheduling game in no time.

De-clutter the chaos

Clutter creates visual noise and it’s hard to concentrate or feel calm in noise. Wherever there is clutter there is always a storage solution to deal with it. The more flexible and cost-effective the storage solution the better, so grab a few Really Useful Boxes and work out your priorities.

Here are a few suggestions for flexible, low cost storage solutions.

1. Store shoes in a perfectly designed box in the bottom of your wardrobe

2. Have a box of winter and summer clothes stored under your bed and rotate

3. Keep boxes in the car boot for shopping

4. Stack boxes on the floor of cupboards or wardrobes for scarves, ties and belts etc.

5. Find storage solutions to help with recycling by keeping some in your garage for paper, aluminium and plastics

6. Fill dead space or narrow corners with tall storage solutions such as a Really Useful Tower

7. Use brightly coloured boxes for toys or creative materials in bedrooms and playrooms

As children grow, or hobbies change you’ll find that your boxes aren’t needed in the same way anymore. These can be changed or rotated so you can tackle a new clutter spot. Recycling at its best!

Is your clutter taking over a whole room? Read how we helped one Ryman customer find Really Useful storage solutions to tidy her daughter’s messy bedroom once and for all. Keeping a garage tidy might seem like a lost art but we’ve found some great ways to use storage to tidy a garage.

Create a beautiful workspace

You might wonder how creating a beautiful workspace can help with getting organised. It’s very simple. The more you love your workspace, the more you’re going to keep it tidy. It’s about making the commitment to keep on top of things. You are much more likely to do that if you have a desk and accessories so beautiful it should have its own Instagram account.

Office storage solutions are a great way to get started on creating a zen-like office but there are other elements to consider. We’ve written about how colour can alter your mood so choose a few colours that match the energy you need and work from there.

For a calm and serene working space go for neutrals and pastels. You’ll feel protective over their calming influence and avoid making mess. For example, you’ll be less likely to leave jumpers and scarves draped over a beautiful cream office chair.

The rose gold stationery trend is showing no sign of slowing down and there are lots of ways to use the colour as beautiful accessories to add to your organisation goals. We love these rose gold pushpin clips - great for keeping documents together on a notice board or cork wall. Both functional and beautiful!

Small office space solutions

You might find having a small space means more mess. Working from home, or in a cramped office does not need to be uncomfortable or untidy. Utilise small spaces with a sit/stand workstation.

This helps with space issues, and also aides a sore back and posture problems. It will also encourage you to move around more great for improving your energy and fitness levels. We’ve found they are great for hitting our daily steps target! A desk that saves space and makes you feel physically fitter has got to be a good thing.

A home office is easy to create, even if you don’t have a separate room. With beautiful office solutions, you can pop up a desk next to your bed or in a small corner of the living room.

Desks such as this oak effect ladder desk are so beautiful you could have them in your living area, displaying your favourite photographs and ornaments, whilst giving you some additional space to work when you need it.

Put paper in its place

Introduce a filing system to your messy paper spaces. The modern style of filing cabinets with an industrial, minimalist look is bang on trend right now. You can buy them in a wide range of vibrant colours to match or contrast with your decor and theme.

Why not sort through paper and documents and get rid of old letters, bills and correspondance no longer needed? Ensure that you shred unwanted documents to protect your identity.

If feeling organised and in control is a top priority for you this year, then you’re not alone. It’s a popular new year’s resolution, but it’s also one that can fall by the wayside. By making a commitment to working through these organisation ideas you will enjoy a calmer, more orderly 2019 as well as a tidy home and office!

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