New Year’s Resolutions

December 29 / Inspire

New Year has a habit of making us a little retrospective. Most of us evaluate the past year and wonder what improvements we can make to different areas of our lives for the year to come.

It’s the chance to start again, in a brand new, fresh year. And what’s the number one, most important resolution we should all be making?

To be happy. Not in the pursuit of things, people or places. Not to take the next jump on the management ladder or upgrade our car, move house or even travel.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it already is” Quote from Mandy Hale

That said, making some positive changes to your health and lifestyle are always a good thing.

Have a read of our Top 10 New Year’s resolutions (and the best way to keep them past the second week of January!) We recommend you only chose one resolution, as your chances of success are much better when you are focusing your energy on one thing.

#1 Lose Weight

We all overindulge over Christmas with treats, wine and in some cases 3 blocks of festive cheese. But Januarys the perfect time to set yourself a healthy eating plan and stick to it. And it isn’t rocket science!

By cutting out the takeaways, puddings and fatty snacks and adding in more fruit and vegetables you will begin to notice the benefits fast. Try whizzing up some delicious juices and smoothies as a super quick way of cramming the goodness in without the hassle.

#2 Quit bad habits

It’s hard to quit a habit, especially if it’s one that you enjoy! But if you have reached the point in your life where you want or need to quit then New Year is the perfect time to give it a go.

So make a commitment, tell everyone (so that they can support you) and don’t think that it will be easy. Most habits are triggered by something; stress, tiredness and sadness are the main culprits – understand your triggers and get ready to fight the dreaded crave.

#3 Save more money

Start the year by getting your finances in order and saving as many pennies as you can.

Squirrelling a little away every month is not only sensible but it makes us feel really good. Create a budget plan and transfer a little away when you get paid…pretty soon you will love saving almost as much as you love spending!

#4 Explore the World

Slow down! We don’t mean quit your job and hot foot to the estate agents to book your flights. But make an effort to explore more of this beautiful planet we live on – and don’t forget to explore what is on your doorstep.

Many of us would love to travel and discover first hand some of the mind-blowing experiences of Africa, India, Mexico and Thailand. But budgets, family and work often prevent dreams becoming reality. Great Britain holds some stunning scenery just waiting to be discovered by you. From the wild, rugged Highlands, Glens and Lochs of Scotland to the sandy beaches of the Cornish Riviera – go take a tour. Why not invest in a journal and record your adventures as you go….

#5 See more of Friends and Family

Work and life in general often have the weeks flying by in a whirlwind of routine. Before you know it, it’s Monday morning again. It’s easy to go weeks, if not months without seeing certain family and friends.

A great resolution for New Year is to put aside time on a regular basis to nip round for a cuppa or take someone for a spot of lunch. If the distance is an issue, schedule in a weekly skype session.

A quick catch up brings everyone closer and is an essential lifeline for older family members. Having a diary can help keep you organised and its great for pencilling in visits with friends, so you don’t forget!

#6 Go Dry

…and then cut down for good.

By New Year’s Eve you have probably enjoyed the office party, numerous family gatherings and the odd festive nightcap (or 4). Now’s the time to challenge friends and family to a Dry-January and give up alcohol completely for 31 days!

Good for your body and mind, a month off the booze is going to save you money as well as help you avoid some pretty unpleasant illnesses, potentially related to over-doing the drink.

Come February it’s time to enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple – in moderation!

#7 Sleep more

Burning the candle at both ends and paying the price with eyes like Heathrow’s baggage carousel. This New Year, make the resolution to prioritize your nap’s and ensure enough shut-eye. Going to bed at an earlier time and setting your alarm in the morning will get you into a good sleep routine.

If you struggle to drop off; ensure your room is quiet and dark, open a window, have a small glass of water before bed … and cut down on caffeine in the day!

#8 Get Active

The best resolution is to take better care of yourself. Begin an exercise program and really try to stick to it through the whole of 2019.

Create a plan;

• Which days are best for you to fit in a workout? Pick times that will gel with your lifestyle; set your alarm and squeeze in a quick workout first thing, a cheeky 5k on your lunch or even hit the gym after work.

• What type of exercise suits you best? It makes sense to avoid committing yourself to a bi-weekly jog if you have knee problems! Pick an exercise that works for your body and that you enjoy, such as walking, running, swimming, dancing or interval training.

Check out our range of sportswear and equipment for some essentials such as a skipping ropes, sport armband holders and activity trackers.

#9 Try new Foods

Set yourself a food challenge for 2019! Try one new food every week of the New Year and by the end of the year you will have potentially experienced 52 new foods!

Engage the whole family in this healthy challenge, try new fruits, vegetables, recipes and foods from other countries.

#10 Be kind and Give Something Back

Giving boosts happiness and reduces stress, so fill 2019 with as much as possible.

We all know the feeling of being run ragged with already demanding work and family commitments, but putting a little time aside each month to volunteer may give you a deeper feeling of connection with the world around us.

Aside from giving a little bit of time, simply make the effort to smile more everyday (smiling creates positive thoughts in our minds and improves your mood).

Be gracious, say thank you and be grateful for everything that is good in your life! This will all reflect out of you – pure positivity, that others will want in their lives.

Don’t wait until January 1st to think about your resolution, start now, and really think about what you want to achieve in 2019.

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