Top 12 Christmas Elf Ideas | Classic and Funny Christmas Elf

November 08, 2018 / Inspire

Christmas is just around the corner so dig out your Christmas elf and get creative with our top elf ideas for 2018.

We are super excited to be supporting a Christmas appeal for Christmas Elves supported by no other than Louis Walsh! Check out the fun video here...

Let’s face it though, at least elf is something Mum and Dad can have a bit of fun with, from wrapping elf in toilet paper and hurling him down the stairs to simply taping him to the window, it’s all perfectly acceptable in this new, cheeky tradition. Parents – don’t be stuck for inspo, check out our top elf ideas below…

Cheeky Elf Ideas…

Andrex Elf

Worse than an errant puppy, this elf is sure to cause a giggle when he’s discovered in the morning.

The Greatest Showelf

Elf practicing his trapeze skills on a candy cane


Elfy, it’s Cold Outside

Tape Elf to the window for a hilarious reaction from the kids…


Elf caught in the act

Elf try’s enjoying a little bit of privacy in the dolls house...


Classic Elf Ideas…

Elf on the Line

Thrill seeker at heart, Elf hurls himself from a zip line constructed between the light and the coffee table…

Elf makes himself at home…

In the fridge. He’s missing the North Pole and this is the next best place to ‘chill’ out

Elf gets creative with the family photos

Easy and quick… simply tape a few additions to your family pics and place elf close by to admire his handy work

Elf is NO Angel…

Who doesn’t love making snow angels? Naughty elf is missing the snow at the North Pole so he has taken matters into his own hands. Use flour for a snowy effect, add white glitter for extra sparkle.

Anyone fancy watching Elf?

Its movie night for Elf, watching his favourite Christmas flick, complete with nibbles and snacks

Elf gets the Crayons Out

Elf’s channeling his inner Monet to create a masterpiece the kids will love in the morning…

Elf vs the Wild

Brave and inquisitive, Elf Grylls is practicing his jungle survival skills. Submerge Elf in the wilds of your indoor plant collection for the children to discover, alternatively disguise Elf as a flower.

Elf Goes Fishing

Complete with his own little rod fashioned from a straw and piece of Christmas ribbon…

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