Top Tips to be Lean in 2017

January 01, 2017 / Inspire

After the overindulgence of Christmas and all the obligatory gorging that comes hand in hand with the festive season you may want to think about a healthy new start for 2017.

It’s not easy maintaining a healthy weight, especially with sedentary lifestyles such as office jobs keeping us glued to our chair for most of the day as well as fatty/sugary treats tempting us from the path of righteousness…

Why not give yourself a fighting chance of beating the bulge with our top fitness products designed to help you stay fit and healthy without too much hassle involved!

#1 The Wondercore Smart

If you are carrying a little extra around your middle then the Wondercore could be the fitness tool of your dreams. Use it to get in the best shape of your life – and it doesn’t matter if you are a stranger to the gym either. Perfect for any fitness level the Wondercore targets your entire core... sculpting abs like Peter Andre, you will be grating cheese off your washboard in no time!

#2 Acer Fitness Band

Stay connected with your body using this lightweight stylish band. Ideal for achieving your weight loss targets this flexible band will fit any size wrist – perfect for men and women. Track your daily activity and ramp up any areas where you might be less active, while receiving notifications from your Smartphone.

#3 Calorie Count Skipping Rope

Lose weight and seriously tone nearly every part of your body – by skipping! We aren’t talking playground rope jumping, we mean effective cardio workouts that have been proven to burn over 500 calories an hour! Invest in your own rope and jump every other day for up to an hour alternating high intensity jumping with slow skipping and rest intervals for effective weight loss!

You’ll be skipping off the scales in no time…

#4 Morphy Richards Soup & Smoothie Maker

Eating homemade soups can help you shift the pounds while taking in fresh, nutritious (and super quick) meals. You can eat a lot of soup without consuming as many calories as you would a cooked meal or typical lunch such as sandwich and crisps.

Soup helps to fill you up as well, meaning that you don’t eat as much. With the Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie maker you can rustle up fresh, yummy soups fast and without too much fuss, steadily edging closer to the body of your dreams.

#5 Breville Active Sports Blender

Getting enough protein can boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and help you to lose body fat and not precious muscle!

Blitz up protein shakes in this Breville Active Sport Blender, powerful enough to crush ice! Perfect for whipping up shakes and heading straight out of the door as the bottle attaches to the blender. Less mess, less hassle and perfect for muscle building protein shakes (leaves no annoying powder in the bottom of the bottle!)

#6 Magic Bullet

Losing weight by drinking smoothies is a similar concept to eating soups – they fill you up and are packed with ingredients that are good for you. Using Fruit and Vegetables such as fresh Berries, Avocado, Leafy Greens and Yogurt you can create really tasty smoothies that seem more like a treat than a healthy snack!

The Magic Bullet is the perfect fitness blender, taking up hardly any space in your kitchen, this powerful gadget is great for smoothies but also chopping fruits, vegetables or making healthy dips such as hummus!

#7 Sport Armband Phone Holder

The benefits of distraction while exercising help you to forget your tiredness and push that bit harder! Music is the perfect distraction and most people won’t work out without their favourite tunes blaring in their ears.

Protect your device with the Sports Armband holder, ideal for strapping to your arm and using on outdoor runs or indoor gym sessions. Perfect for holding your phone safe while you run, bike, pound the machines or simply walk your way to that hot bod!

#8 Polaroid Cube Action Video Camera

Give yourself a goal to get active by recording your escapades on camera! The Polaroid Action Cam records your adventures from the safety of your helmet, bike or any surface you can mount it too! Perfect for bringing out at dinner parties and wowing family and friends with exciting footage…

#9 JVC Sports Headphones

As mentioned previously working out to music dramatically increases the amount that you push yourself. If you are serious about getting fit in 2017 then you need to invest in some decent headphones. Wearing headphones that don’t fall out or become uncomfortable as you move is essential. These JVC Headphones use sweat proof technology (incredibly!) meaning that they are ideal for sports and they fit perfectly in your ear energizing you as you work out.

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