5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Board Games

October 31, 2017 / Read

Board Games and Card Games are great opportunities at Christmas to keep the whole family entertained or, in some households, can be the source of healthy competitive feud, but they also have hidden benefits that you may not know of.

1 Get Social

Forget about Facebook and Snapchat for a moment, board games and card games actually help kids get more social! Not only do they help teach young ones social skills just by virtue of playing them, there will be guaranteed laughter and fun while doing so. Playing board games and card games not only teaches conflict resolution and being respectful of the rules, but also helps improve communication and encourages traits such as sharing, patience and fairness, all in a scenario which is enjoyable, bringing the whole family together.

2 Focus

Yes! Believe it or not, board games and card games can foster the ability to focus, and lengthen your child's attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game. The overall objective of any board game is to reach the end with every move and roll of the dice, whether they win or lose. If they play until the end they get the satisfaction of completing a group activity together and it keeps them focused on the end goal.

3 Memory and Cognitive Ability

The more games children play the more they get better at playing them! Board games and card games help improve memory and cognitive abilities such as problem solving and creative thinking. They will be able to spot patterns faster, be strategic and find ways to overcome new challenges, which will inevitably help them in life. This is also true for adults, especially elderly people who want to keep their minds active and memories sharp!

4 Get Some Therapy

Board games?! Therapeutic? What!

Mind blowing, but yes - they have been proven to help reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and keep up those positive vibes that help your mood and even your immune system. Being around people you care about, having fun and sharing lots of laughter all help keep self-esteem high, releasing positive endorphins and chemicals in the brain that can fight stress and help boost immunity.

5 Growing bonds, not followers!

We've all seen the usual scene around the sitting room, eyes glued to screens, but not so during a board game! In fact, while playing, you and your family are bonding and developing your relationships without even realising it. During a board game or card game everyone is attentive, engaged with the conversations going on and listening to each other, so you find that your family will start to enjoy better conversations which could develop into discussions you wouldn’t have had if everyone was on their phone.

So with all these benefits, there is definitely no excuse to not have a couple of board games to hand. Also if you are bored of the classics, there are so many new and re-vamped games out there to help get the kids excited about having a go, such as Harry Potter Scrabble, Game of Thrones Monopoly and much more.

Shop the full range of family games now and start taking advantage of all those benefits!

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