Buffy Back to School Checklist

August 08 16, 2016 / Read

Sunnydale High was the playground of Buffy the Vampire slayer and her crew of demon fighting friends.

These high school students had their hands full battling vampires and fighting the forces of darkness, yet they still made time for plenty of long visits to the school library to study the infernal creatures tormenting their school.

If you had to brave the corridors of Sunnydale High and par-take in the good fight, what would be your ultimate Buffy Back to School checklist/survival guide?

#1 Vampire Stakes

You don’t want to be caught short without a handy piece of chiselled 2 x 4, especially when dealing with creatures of the night. I’d start whittling some wood now...

#2 Demon Literature

It’s going to be massively beneficial to read up on demons, vampires and other supernatural nasties and the ways to rid the world of their evil. Especially if you want to survive past half term!

#3 Martial Arts Training

Fighting skills are going to be the way you survive Sunnydale High. Hone your inner Karate Kid: right cross, left uppercut and finish with an elegant roundhouse. Demon down.

#4 Garlic

Line your lockers, stuff your school bag and drape your neck in bunches of garlic. You will soon have those Nosferatu types running in fear of your pong.

#5 Vacuum

Vampires notoriously explode into dust when slain, so it makes sense to carry a cordless vac to clear up the mess. Piles of dusty vampire remains are a major concern for allergy suffers at the very least…

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