Grease Back To School Checklist

July, 08 2016 / Read

It’s the summer holidays already but in the blink of an eye it will be September and the masses will be heading back to school.

Here at Ryman we have been feeling pretty nostalgic reminiscing about our own time at school. Can you think of your favourite school from a film? Rydell high from Grease maybe? We will be remembering some of the most iconic High Schools from the big screen and bringing you back to school checklists for each movie. What essentials would you have needed if you were to enrol at Hogwarts, the notorious boarding school of St Trinians or Monsters University…

Grease is a movie that has appealed to generations since its release in the early 70s. Set in an American school, Rydell High is the scene of teenage love, slicked back hair and some catchy musical numbers. If you had been lucky enough to dance down those halls what would have been your High School survival kit?

Grease Back To School Checklist

#1 Letterman Jackets

No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb, especially on the first day of High School, so do yourself a favour and grab a pink or leather jacket to instantly gel with ‘in crowds’. Pretty and sweet like the pink ladies or cool and slick like the T’ Birds, you’ll be invited to rule the school in no time!

#2 Cream back your locks

Don’t risk any hair movement or slippage, slick back those locks for instant respect from your peers…

#3 Greased Lightning

You may not have a car (probably because you are 12 years old!) but don’t let that stop you roaring up Thunder Road. Invest in a decent bike, spray it red and pedal hard. You may not win the ‘Race for Pinks’ but it’s the taking part that counts…

#4 The tightest, shiniest leggings the world has ever known

…and if you can’t find any leggings a bottle of black spray paint will do!

#5 A back up plan

Let’s face it, school can be tough so if you find yourself a beauty school dropout like Frenchie have a Plan B…

#6 Dance Hop

Jagger hasn’t got anything on the 50s moves you are bringing to the dance hall. Strut your way to your love interest’s heart and never be afraid to bring out your shimmy and twist, you were born to hand-jive… and the faster the better!

#7 Sandra Dee

If you are starting High School you may be in the market for a complete image overhaul. Grab all your new found Pink Ladies and make for your mums makeup and curlers, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to the good girl image!

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