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February 23, 2016 / Read

As part of Sport Relief 2016 we have challenged some unsuspecting TV and radio celebs to a spot of artistry with our very own Ryman Sport Relief pens.

Your handwriting is as unique as your face and personality. Graphology is the analysis of handwriting to determine certain personality characteristics.

Handwriting analysts look at the pressure of strokes, the slant and size of each letter and if you have managed to stay on the line. The miraculous thing is, analysts can sometimes be super accurate and tell you a lot about your personality … even from a simple doodle!

So as you sit at work, absently scribbling on your notebook, the lines and shapes you are creating actually say a lot about your mood and personality. Strong and outgoing or an emotional optimist, those stars and squiggles mean more than you originally thought!

Our celebs were asked to draw themselves using our Sport Relief pens The masterpieces were then passed to the handwriting analysts (who had no idea whose work they were analysing!) for a complete ‘scientific’ assessment.

Here’s what they had to say…

Alan Carr is TV's most loved ‘chatty’ man and renowned for his wit, humour and loveable charm. Will this interesting doodle have the analysts chuckling?

Results:a quick thinker who likes to please yet wants to keep control of situations.

Andy Jordan is an actor best known for the reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Andy also has a budding music career and is inspired by soul music. Will his doodle leave the analysts full of rhythm or blues?

Results:this person can occasionally be emotionally withdrawn yet is ambitious, has imagination and a macho image.

Angela Rippon OBE has been on our screens since the mid-seventies and is a talented journalist, newsreader and presenter. Let’s see what the inscribe investigators discover about this Rip Off Britain presenter through the medium of ink…

Results:person with a very wry, visual sense of humour, who will listen but not accept a truth without challenging it, who will get things done and who values their privacy.

Caroline Quentin is best known for her roles on Men Behaving Badly and Jonathon Creek. Will the analysts be able to detect her strong and quirky personality through her magnificent doodle alone?

Results:strong, efficient, outgoing person with an ability to focus and concentrate

Chelsee Healey is an actress that has appeared on Waterloo Road and Strictly Come Dancing, will this northern lass’s personality shine through her spectacular pen work?

Results:a go-getting personality who is determined to achieve the most out of life; a need to get organised is shown but this person is prepared to listen to improve themselves

Keith Lemon is Leigh Francis’ alter ego. This cheeky chap presents Celebrity Juice as well as Through the Keyhole. Does his impressive illustration tell the analysts everything they need to know about this tidy talent?

Results:adventurous, stubborn, dominant person with considerable self-confidence.

Mark Watson is a comedian and novelist known for his honest but hilarious comedy style and is a regular on Mock The Week! Will the analysts detect the energy in Mark’s personality from his furry looking doodle?

Results:a quick witted, creative, idealistic person who likes to think on their feet in unusual situations; dislikes being organised by others and may be doing too much.

Sara Cox top DJ and overall lovely lady currently hosts Sounds of the 80’s on BBC Radio 2. What will the analysts have to say about the Queen of Bolton’s enthusiastic picture?

Results:optimistic, friendly person who will give time to friends and who wants to do their best.

So I think it’s fair to say that without knowing whose picture they were analysing these guys have done a pretty amazing job, accurately describing the celebrities from a doodle selfie alone!

If you want to grab a Sport Relief pen before they all go check out the range here or find out more about Sport Relief at

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