How to Stay Organised during Your Exams

January 07, 2015 / Read

Today's guest post comes from our very first winner of the Ryman Blog Party - Sophie Wearing from the blog Cider with Sophie

Sophie's here to reminisce over exam periods gone by and how she'd stay organised if she could do it over again.

There's a hub of activity an underlying scent in the area: Lynx deodorant mixed with adrenaline and the unknown. I look up and see the road filled to the brim with crisp white shirts with hand written notes all over them. Oh yes it's that time of year. Study leave.

I remember study leave well; my lasting memory is having such productivity that I was getting a brief low down on what the content of the exam would be, whilst walking through the examination room doors!

Was it laziness or did I simply focus on the early topics and not leave enough time for the latter subjects?! Either way I wish I had loved my Filofax then as much as I do now - it could definitely have taught me a thing or two!

Such as sticky labels are your best friend: Need to draw your attention to something particularly important/amazing? Wack it on a sticky label and there's no chance of you glossing over it! I particularly like little ones otherwise it takes up the whole of your insert for that day!

If I had really uncomfortable to hold scratchy to write with pen (I've had pens that are so uncomfortable to hold that they've hurt my finger where I’ve been holding them) Generally I much prefer thin nibbed fine liners or even better sticky label pens are the best because they can be rubbed out if you do something wrong.

Tape it up: Washi tape is all the rage nowadays and can be used anywhere and everywhere just to brighten up your day! I like to stick tape on the edges of my pages to break up the sheer amount of white empty blank space. What's even better is that it can be moved so easily so again no need to worry if you make a mistake; just peel it up and start again!

Paper is your friend computer is your foe: Between the years of 2001-2004 I cannot count on my hands the amount of times our computer just suddenly gave up working without warning. I cannot repeat the words that my Sister and Mum uttered at this point but trust me make you have paper back up!

When I’m organising I like to use graph paper and various colours of paper that's because I find both of these engage me visually and therefore I'm more likely to focus.

I like to us graph paper visual things like diagrams or more often than not mind maps. Mind maps are like my equivalent of yoga; helping me to clear and make sense of my thoughts.

I love to write lists (as it's the only way I can remember anything at all) and so coloured paper differentiates the different lists I write: Overall work, chores, finances, cat, baby, this week, this month and urgent today.

Hope you liked my little post thank you to Ryman for hosting me!

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