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September 20, 2017 / Read

Going back to school can be a huge challenge for parents and children alike. So last month we ran a competition with Pritt to try and get kids to channel and release their inner hero!

We asked you to design the coolest super hero, and we got some great entries back. Contestants were challenged to send us pictures of their super heroes and tell us what their super powers are for the chance to win a limited edition Pritt Superhero cuddly toy and a Pritt School Bundle!

Have a look at our Picture Winners Gallery below…

Name – Aimee Age 12

Hero Name - Ocean Blu

Powers - Understands sea creatures, create sea creatures, destroy dangerous plastic by aiming her trident at it

Additional – Born in a clamshell

Name – Cooper Age 7

Hero Name – The Shadow

Powers - Invisibility, Speed, Moves without a sound

Name – William Age 9

Hero Name - X-Ray Vision Mum

Powers - Eyes that see round corners, invisibility belt, rocket boots, teleporting cloak

Name – Matilda Age 3

Hero Name – Fish and Chip Man

Powers – Chips and Fish

Name – Carson Age 9

Hero Name - Bomb Boy

Powers - Fire hair, x-ray glasses, 'bomber' jacket, snake pants, rocket shoes

Additional – venomous snake pet

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