5 Tips to keep cool in the heat

June 26, 2019 / Read

Hot offices, sweltering cars and of course a clammy night tossing and turning. For obvious reasons us Brits just don’t cope that well when things get hot.

We look forward to the summer but when the heat wave hits most of us just dissolve into uncomfortable heaps! We have some ideas to keep you cool and comfortable when the pavements start to melt...

#1 Don’t forget your Fan-heata!

Fans keep the air moving and help you feel cool and fresh. A must have for the home or office a large fan will help you get a good night’s kip and a small desk fan will help you keep the focus at work.

#2 Drink lots and lots of water.

Take a bottle to work (not wine) and always have a drink on hand. You lose water through sweating so keep topping up fluids where you can.

#3 Dress for the summer.

Think light colours (reflect the heat), breathable fabrics and open toed shoes. The fresher your style the cooler you feel!

#4 Avoid exercise or strenuous activity.

No running for the bus! Excessive sweating can course dehydration and lead quickly to other health problems. If it’s hot leave your exercise to the beginning or end of the day when temperatures hopefully drop. It’s a good excuse to go swimming though…

#5 Beware the heat of your car!.

Think pets and children and anyone more vulnerable to the heat. The sun quickly heats up the inside of a car to well in excess of the outdoor temperature. This has a greenhouse effect on the air inside your vehicle so NEVER leave a child or pet in a car on a warm day.

And don’t forget it will soon be winter and we will spend months shivering in eternal cloud and rain. Try and make the most of the heatwave if you can…

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