What does your pen say about you?

December 02, 2015 / Read

Here's an interesting article about what the choice of pen that we use says about us.

When you're writing something down it's not just the words you use which send a message but the pen that you use also says something about you.

Jan-Patrick Schmitz the CEO of Mont Blanc always carries two pens around with him, during his workday: one tucked in his briefcase's pen holder and the other in an inside jacket pocket. One of the two is typically a roller-ball used to quickly to write something down. The other is a fountain pen which he reserves for moments when he wants to take time to express something.

A fountain pen slows you down he says. You have to unscrew the cap the ink needs to dry and just the fact of handwriting with it makes you think longer and more intensely because you can't conveniently delete.

Different pens suit different situations - you might want to use a ballpoint if you're on the phone and need to write down a number but it might not make a great impact in an important meeting or if you're signing an important contract.

On the other hand if you lose your pens as often as I do you might not want to carry an expensive fountain pen around with you all the time.

We have a wide range of pens to suit every occasion:

Ballpoints for when need something practical and which won't let you down…

Fountain pens for when you have something important to say…

Gel pens for when you want to express yourself in a wide range of colours…

Specialist pens for drawing or calligraphy…

Plus Premium pens for special occasions.…

What sort of pen do you prefer? And what do you think it says about you?

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