Revision Key Essentials

Studying is hard enough! There is no need for it to be hard on your pocket too! Whether you are writing up your revision notes or drawing out your mind maps, we have the tools you need to help your studies be a success!

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Whether you are revising for your GCSE’s, your A-Levels, writing a massive assignment or essay or studying for your course exams at university, there will always be a common theme. Stress!

The important thing to remember is that there are so many tools and resources to help you get the best out of your revision.

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1) #Planit: - Organising and managing your revision time is key.

Putting time aside to dedicate your focus on the work will always help get you in the study zone.

2) #Practiceit: - Practice papers and practice questions from past exams will be your friend!

Always ask your tutors or lectures for more of these as the more you do, the more prepared you will be.

3) #Mapit: - Create colourful and creative mind maps or posters to help you plan your essay and get the flow of your argument in place before you start.

4) #Highlightit: - It’s been scientifically proven that using coloured pens and highlighters to mark out key words or facts on a page, improves memory and the ability to recall information.

So show your true colours!

5) #Noteit: - Get creative with your revision notes. Add colour to help you remember, and once you are happy with your notes, summarise them on revision index cards to start testing yourself.

6) #Doyourbest: – it’s all anyone can ask of you.