Worried about revision?

Over half of UK students who went to uni for career opportunities have struggled with their mental health. We asked over 5,000 students in the UK about their current feelings at university, how long they spend studying, their biggest pressure and how they’re able to fund themselves. If you’re feeling the financial strain, you’re not alone, as 2 out of 3 of students with a student loan have experienced financial pressure and half have a job in order to survive.

However the not so good news it that a lot of students are feeling the stress of it all. Read on to learn more about these findings and to get some practical expert advice for dealing with exam worries.

Most of you confessed to either eating, drinking, watching TV or switching to social media to cope with stress.

Ian Jenkins

"Exam stress is normal. A little stress can help us be motivated, focused and achieving. But we need to manage it, we need to focus on only those things we can control. We need a good plan, through preparation, a health body and mind, a positive attitude, and realistic expectations" - Ian Jenkins, psychotherapist. To help students cope this year, Ian has created a 15-step guide to cope with exam pressure - read it here

What kind of learner are you?

You are at your best when you can 'see' what you are learning. You like visual aids, graphs, drawings and symbols, and often learn by memorising where you see things.

You learn best by listening, to lectures or in discussions. You might remember things by saying them out loud, or, memorising them to songs.

You prefer to learn via a 'lived' experience through moving, doing and touching. You like to explore and experiment. You will learn best by being involved in the process, whether that's visiting a museum or making notes.

If you're sitting exams in the near future, we would like to wish you the very best of luck. Whatever kind of learner you are, and however stressed out you're feeling, everyone at Ryman hopes we're doing our bit to make your revision a little bit more organised so those all-important facts pop into your brains when the moment comes.

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Good luck from Ryman!