Blu Tac & Play Putty

Stick and hang things using sticky tack. It's perfect for temporarily sticking things together, like paper on your wall. Our range include Blu-Tack, white tack, Command picture hooks, and more.

Sticky tack, like Blu-Tack, is versatile, reusable, and convenient. It's perfect for sticking things together temporarily, like pictures on your wall.

Although Blu-Tack is one of the most popular forms, there are more types of sticky tack. White tack, for example, is designed to reduce residue after things have been stuck together for a while. Sticky hooks are designed to be more functional, with hooks on self-adhesives strips.

Whatever you need to stick together, you can rely on Ryman. Our range of sticky tack includes top brands like Blu-Tack, Command, and more.