Yellow Dyslexia

Dyslexia can make school, study, and work more challenging. But learning, reading, and writing can be more enjoyable with dyslexia stationery and learning aids, like dictaphones and coloured paper from Ryman.

Dyslexia stationery can make study and work more enjoyable and comfortable. Dyslexia stationery and learning aids include a variety of writing and reading tools that are specifically designed for children and adults who sometimes find learning more challenging.


Learning aids for dyslexia can come in different forms. Coloured paper and coloured overlays can help with reading and writing difficulties by easing visual stress, improving reading rate and comprehension, and making reading and writing feel far more comfortable. Pencil grips can help if you feel that you struggle with your handwriting or hold your pencil correctly. Dictaphones are perfect for recording important information in case of forgetfulness and they alleviate the stress of reading and writing if you’re not confident in those areas.


Whatever type of learning aid you think will help you or a loved one, you can rely on Ryman UK. Our range of dyslexia stationery includes coloured overlays, specialist card, pencil grips, pen accessories, and more from top brands. We even have a visual stress test that can suggest what colour paper or overlay is best for you, easing any frustrations and letting you find the products you need the first time around. We all face different challenges in the educational and working world, but our range of stationery will help you feel more confident and comfortable in both.

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