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March 15, 2017 / Inspire

Personalised notebooks are something of a wonder gift in a world where so many of us have become increasingly difficult to buy for.

Whether you are gift buying in your capacity as friend, partner, mother or colleague, you’re probably familiar with that classic utterance – ‘what do you get someone who has everything?’ Or maybe you are simply searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Why Buy a Personalised Notebook?

The likes of Leuchtturm Bullet and dotted journals have sparked frenzy in stationery enthusiasts and digital types alike, reintroducing people to the pleasing physicality of putting pen to paper, instead of face to screen. So, the notebook is officially back ‘in’ and at any Ryman store, you can go the whole hog and buy a notebook that has been personalised just for you.

How Does Book Personalisation Work?

The technical term we use for book personalisation is foiling. But don’t worry – no rolls of bacofoil are involved in the process. When your design has been chosen, it is ‘foiled’ onto your chosen notebook in gold or silver. This rather nifty process happens by way of a foiling machine which digitally prints your design onto the book, as you can see in the video below.

What Do I Have to Do to Get a Personalised Notebook?

1. Decide what it is you want – will you be happy with a template design (see the templates under “What can I personalise” section) or do you want to use your own image?

2. If you are happy to choose from the broad range of templates available in-store, simply visit your local Ryman and ask a staff member to take you through the order process. You’ll be shown a book of design options and you can choose a notebook and delivery option while you are in store. Alternatively, you can order by phone – just call 0800 801 901.

3. If you want to design your notebook from scratch, we advise that you visit or call your local Ryman with about two weeks' lead time. This way you will be advised as to exactly what is needed from you for the design.

4. Once your order is in, it will be shipped off to one of our print shops where your notebook will be created.

5. Either collect your finalised notebook from store or have it delivered to your address and, hey presto, you are the proud owner of a personalised notebook.

Where Can I get a Personalised Notebook?

You can visit any one of our 200+ UK stores to order a personalised book. While you are in store, a staff member will help you to put your order in and this will then be sent off to one of our print shops to be completed. We have print shops with operational foiling services in two of our London stores: Great Portland Street and the Strand, and also in our head office, in Crewe.

Don’t despair if you’re not London or Crewe-based; you can put your order in at your local Ryman store wherever you are. All you need to do to become the proud owner of a bespoke notebook is visit your local store and speak to a member of staff. We will guide you through the process, all the way from selecting the notebook to getting the book back to you. If you want to fully design your notebook, it may be worth giving your store a call before going in.

You can find all of our stores’ phone numbers HERE

What Can I Personalise?

We can personalise most books with a fairly hard cover. If you already have a book that you’re not sure will be compatible with personalisation, we suggest visiting a Ryman with the book for confirmation. We stock a wide and colourful range of soft cover notebooks both online and in-store which work particularly well with personalisation and which come in sizes from pocket to large. We’ve also got templates to provide you with inspiration, as well as guidance on fonts and images. If you’re pretty creative and don’t need a template book, that’s fine too. You can design your book from scratch. We do advise that you call your local Ryman before visiting if you wish to create your own image. A staff member will be able to advise you on exactly what kind of image file you need to bring in to facilitate this.

How Much Does it Cost and How Long Does it Take?

The cost of book personalisation is just £6.99 (not including the cost of buying a notebook). You can choose whether you would like your notebook to be delivered to the store for collection, or to your own address. The prices are as detailed below:

1. Delivery for orders under £40 – up to 7 working days – FREE

2. Delivery for orders over £40 – 2 working days – FREE

3. Delivery for orders under £40 in 2 working days - £3.40

4. Next working day - £10

The cut-off time for the working day is midday, so if you put your order in at, say 2pm on a Wednesday, the 2 working days will start from Thursday. This means it’s best to get in bright and early if you can!

Any More Questions?

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea of how to get a personalised notebook. If, you still have questions before you’re ready to dive in and go bespoke, you can either call Customer Services on 0800 801 901, call your local Ryman Stationery or visit your local store. You can find your local shop and its contact details HERE


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