21 Ways to Use a Sharpie Marker
June 15, 2021

Just like the tasty waffle, the Sharpie marker pen is totally versatile. Sharpies aren’t your average marker pen only meant for labelling but THE most ingenious pen ever created!

Sharpies come with a variety of different sized nibs – a nib for every occasion if you will. With a wide variety of vibrant colours, you can scribble over your world and customize anything that isn’t nailed to the floor (and everything that is!)

If it’s got a surface, you can probably introduce your favourite sharpie and they will become best friends...

#21 Fancy a Cuppa?

Decorate cups and mugs for the ultimate brew round...

#20 Custom Paint Job

Most people are gutted if they notice damage on their car's paintwork, but if you do then just contact Allison La Valley of Lost Birds Art Studio to create a custom paint job using Sharpie Markers!

#19 Light Bulb Moment

Use your Sharpie Marker to decorate light bulbs for a pop art vibe.

#18 Scatter Cushions Sharpie Style

Can’t find the perfect cushion for your bedroom or sofa? Design your own with a Sharpie Marker.

#17 Out of this world Shoes

Create your own Galaxy print shoes using your sharpie marker, some white canvas shoes, and rubbing alcohol! Find out how to create this effect step by step at timeforteabeads.

#16 Wedding Guest Book – With a Sharpie Twist

For a cool alternative to the traditional wedding or party guest book…why not have guests sign your white china set. Signature plates will be a unique reminder of your special day and everyone that shared it with you!

#15 Doodles of Furniture

Create custom furniture using just your Sharpie and a mind full of doodles waiting to break free.

#14 Festive Balls

Immerse yourself in Christmas by decorating your own baubles. Fun for kids and grownups draw whatever takes your fancy!

#13 Your Sharpie loves a Scuff

You may be devastated when your pride of joys gets a slight scuff on the heel or toe. But don’t cry, get your Sharpie Marker out and quickly colour the offending mark. See? All better.

#12 A Lasting Love Letter

Give mundane household objects such as Lampshades a beautiful new lease of life with your Sharpie Marker. Check out alittleglassbox who wrote a free-flowing love letter to her son around a cream shade on a horse lamp. Stunning and something to cherish for years to come! Use your favourite song lyrics, poems, and quotes as inspiration!

#11 Autograph

Always keep a Sharpie on your person for that once-in-a-lifetime moment when you bump into the celebrity of your dreams. Also perfect for signing frames, footballs, posters, and of course anywhere you require a signature. Remember though, it’s permanent ink…

#10 Sharpie Wrap For Any Occasion

Design and make your own gift wrap for a really personal touch to your gift-giving. Check out Something to be Found for a perfect example of how effective this can be using a white Sharpie marker and Kraft paper. Don’t forget to make some gift tags to match!

#9 There’s Something Fishy About Sharpie Markers

Create a unique home for your fish with this cool idea. Decorate a small bowl with simple doodles to create a really unusual effect that makes the perfect gift. Visit Design Mom to see why she came up with this great idea and download some traceable scenes to start you off.

#8 Wallpaper with Sharpie

If you haven’t mastered the art of wallpapering yet and face challenges such as bubbles and strips just peeling off you may want to try Sharpie Wallpaper. A simple concept that requires you to draw on painted walls to create a wallpaper effect. Check out Vintage Revivals who have completely nailed this with a Tribal inspired design using a Gold Marker.

#7 Personalise Your Sports Gear

From skateboards through to golf balls it’s possible to customize your sports equipment with a sharpie marker. If you are a seasoned golfer or just dipping your toe in the courses pond it’s a great idea to mark your set of balls so that they are easily distinguishable from the other players.

#6 Let Sharpie Light the Way

Upcycle your jam and food jars and decorate with Sharpie markers. Either draw directly onto the glass or use white tissue paper to draw your design onto and then wrap around the jar. Place a tea light inside for the ultimate cosy night in or special gift.

#5 Don’t let your Phone Case Miss Out

Buying a cheap or plain case and funking it up with some Sharpie Markers is the best idea you’ve ever had….until now! Your imagination is truly the limit with this but we love what Whisk & Maps have done by creating the perfect Gentleman!

#4 Inspire with Your Sharpie

Keep your favourite quotes around the home to keep you inspired. Use your fabric Sharpie to scribble your most-loved quotes across bedding or a permanent sharpie on canvas, wood, large stones, and anything else you can think of.

#3 Bling Bling

Jazz up your office life and turn your desk organiser into a gold mine. Turn your average metal staple into solid gold…well, maybe not SOLID gold but definitely gold. Simply colour a strip of staples on both sides with your permanent gold Sharpie marker for an instant touch of sparkle and utter class.

#2 Sharpie Rocks

Yeah, they do! But have you ever considered decorating rocks with your Sharpie? Treasured pebbles and rocks found on walks and days at the beach can become useful door stoppers, paperweights for your desk, or even varnish them and place them in your garden pots or borders for a cute homemade outdoor ornament.

#1 Music to your ears

Not for the feint hearted or wobbly of hand. If you do feel confident enough why not personalise you musical instrument? Grab your chosen musical medium – Guitar, Drums or Ukuele and get to work…

If you’re looking for Sharpies or Permanent Markers for your office or workplace, why not take a look at our stationery range at Ryman Business.