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Back Supports

Using a back support cushion helps to take the strain off your lower back whilst sitting in your office chair or when driving for long periods of time. If you want a fully ergonomic setup, check out our footrests, wrist supports, and orthopaedic seating range too.
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If you spend a big chunk of your day sitting in an office chair or at the wheel, a lower back support is likely to be your new best friend. 

Back support cushions work by tucking into the section of your lower back where your spine curves inwards. This section of your spine is called the lumbar spine, and is not naturallt supported by most chairs, as they tend not to follow this natural inward curve. Lumbar supports are designed to fit into this space and take the pressure off your lumbar spine, allowing your muscles to relax and preventing tension buildup.


Whichever back support you chose, it should be positioned to fit snugly against the natural curve of your lower back. Your lumbar support will be most effective if you sit towards the back of the chair, with your feet planted in the floor and sitting in an upright position.


Try to avoid sloutching, as this bends your spine into an unnatural position and the support will not be as comfortable. Be sure to take regular breaks to walk around too, as this will also help to keep your muscles loose and your posture upright. Another option is to combine the lumbar support with an adjustable standing desk so you can work both sitting and standing.


If you're looking for an effective lower back supprt, you can rely on Ryman.

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