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Laser Printers

Laser Printers are perfect for office use allowing printing in high volumes. You can find Wireless Laser Printers, Mono Laser Printers and Colour Laser Printers from top brands including HP Printers & Brother Printers. For more Printer options explore our full range which also includes Inkjet Printers. If you need help choosing which Printer is right for you, read our Printer Buying Guide.

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Laser printers are perfect for high-volume printing and multiple users, making them ideal for offices and schools. They can be connected to a network and accessed by multiple computers, becoming the catch-all piece of office tech for documents and paperwork printing. Laser printers use toner instead of ink and print at consistently high speeds, meaning you can get your documents and work out faster - ideal for bulk printing for meetings and school work.

We're pleased to offer a huge range of laser printers, including all-in-one laser printers and wireless laser printers. We have something to suit everyone, whether you're after a business laser printer or just something to use at home. You can also choose between colour laser printers and mono laser printers too.

If you’re looking for a laser printer for your office, order your laser printer with Ryman Business, our business to business solution that makes buying office supplies and technology for your premises or school so much easier.

Not quite what you're looking for? We stock a wider range of printers too, including 3D printers, A3 printers, laser printers, and photo printers.


Laser printer vs inkjet printer, which should I buy?
Inkjet printers are great for a family home office or computer room, especially if you’re printing colourful documents or pictures. They use ink and are the most suitable printer for casual, inconsistent use. Laser printers, on the other hand, are best suited to offices, schools, and environments that have high printing demand on a daily basis. Because they aren’t designed to print beautiful photographic images but rather to produce printed documents at fast, cost-effective rates, they are incredibly well-suited to modern offices’ needs. If you’re printing things out regularly and need to ensure you are cost-effective, then a laser printer is definitely the right choice for you. With that being said though, you can still print coloured images and documents with a colour laser printer, as printing in colour isn’t exclusive to laser printers.

In terms of your preferred printer brand, this is entirely up to you. A Brother laser printer will have slightly different specifications to a HP laser printer, but both are recognisably reliable brands you can rely on. Browse our range to find the perfect printer - whether a colour, mono, or even a laser printer with a scanner - for you.


How does a laser printer work?
Unlike inkjet printers which force and combine coloured printer inks on the paper’s surface to create images and text, laser printers work by using printer toner. The drum within the printer builds up static electricity after being activated and charged by the computer, readying it to transfer the ‘data’ of your document onto your paper. This static electricity attracts printer toner to the paper, which is then transferred to the paper using heated rollers. This is why freshly printed documents often feel warm to the touch, as this is the residual static electricity giving off heat. 

Do laser printers need ink?
No, laser printers don’t need ink. Instead of printer ink, which can be expensive when bought and used in large quantities, laser printers use toner. This is bought in cartridges similar to ink, but is far more cost-effective for bulk printing purposes. Both mono and coloured laser printers use toner cartridges instead of ink, so regardless of the colours you’re playing with you should find something suitably cost-effective and affordable.

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