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Printer Ink Cartridges

Replace your printer ink with our collection of ink refills and printer cartridges at Ryman UK. Our range of ink cartridges is the biggest in the UK and we only sell 100% genuine ink cartridges from top printer brands, like Canon, HP, & more. So if you need high quality printer ink at affordable prices, you can rely on Ryman for all your printing needs. Don’t forget to recycle your old cartridges in store for a discount off your next order!

If you need toner instead, you can shop for replacement cartridges in our Toner range.

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  1. HP 953XL Ink Cartridge
    HP 953XL Ink Cartridge
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  2. Epson 104 Original Ink Bottle
    Epson 104 Original Ink Bottle
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Ink cartridges are used by inkjet printers, like the Canon Pixma. When you run out of the original ink cartridges, you can buy replacements that will last longer in the form of high capacity ink cartridges. At Ryman, our ink refills from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), which are high quality and at affordable prices. We only sell 100% genuine printer ink cartridges from top printer brands. Whatever printer ink refills you need, you can rely on Ryman.

Our range of printer ink is the largest in the UK. It includes genuine ink cartridges from every major manufacturer, including HP ink, Canon ink, Brother ink, and Lexmark ink. Choose from traditional black printer ink, to vibrant colour, perfect for your home or office. We work with major manufacturers so you can be sure that our prices are affordable and our products are genuine. You can also recycle your old ink cartridges with us in store for a discount on your next order.

Not quite what you're looking for? Check out our wider paper and printing range, which includes printer paper, printers, toner and more. We’ve also got over 190 store locations which offer print shop services, should you be looking to print a special one off project, or in bulk for university.

If you're not sure what ink you need for your printer, use our Ink and Toner Finder to find out. 



Do laser printers need ink?

Laser printers don’t need ink, they use printer toner cartridges instead. Inkjet printers use printer ink.


How to change printer ink

When you’re looking for printer ink, make sure you’re buying the ink that is compatible with your printer model.

Turn your printer on, and first locate and open up the ink cartridge compartment. If you haven’t bought your printer ink refill cartridges before, jot down the brand, model number, and colour on the cartridge label and take it to your local Ryman shop or search our online store. If you’ve already got your refill cartridges, then safely remove the empty cartridges by releasing the clip and squeezing the triggers on them. Push down on the cartridge so it pops up and ejects.

Before you put in the new cartridge, give it a good shake to combat any separation and ensure high-quality prints. Remove the protective coating from the dispenser at the back of the ink cartridge. Then, replace the cartridge in the printer and push it down lightly until it's fixed in place. Print a test sheet to check the ink quality, and then you’re good to go!


How long does printer ink last?

How long printer ink lasts depends on the make, quality, and quantity you opt for when buying your ink cartridge. Different inks have different page yields, meaning they’re able to produce an estimated amount of standardised document printing. The number on an ink cartridge (for example ‘HP 301’) doesn’t correspond to its yield, this is just an ID number that tells you which printer models they’re compatible with. Instead, the printer ink cartridge size (typically some iteration of ‘XL’), will tell you its yield. Simply check the back of the printer cartridge packaging or check its specifications online to find out its yield - whether that be 190 pages or 300+.


How long does printer ink last when unopened?

If you’re stocking up on printer ink refills and don’t want it to expire, fear not. Printer ink is typically manufactured with a 2-year expiry date. It will start to dry out the closer it gets to the 2-year mark.

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