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When you need to send money outside of the UK, you can now use a safe and trusted service at Ryman. We've partnered with Western Union so that you can quickly and easily send money to anywhere in the world from your local Ryman store.

It's convenient, giving you options to send a bank transfer or cash to a Western Union store that can be collected in minutes. It's also reliable by offering tracking for your money, which means that you can be sure of who and when it is collected.


You can send money in minutes with Western Union. Normally, money transfers take 1-2 days, but with Western Union’s ‘Money In Minutes’ service, you can collect within 10 minutes. Just send the money via the WU app or online, and collect in one of our Ryman stores minutes later. There's hundreds of thousand locations across the world that are 24 hours, meaning your money can be collected in minutes. Other options on how to collect money sent via Western Union include Bank Transfers and Mobile Wallet.

You can transfer your money to be collected in cash, straight to a bank account, or even to a wallet on your mobile phone (WU Money Wallet App). This will mean that your money will be available in minutes to the designated mobile wallet. You can do this either by selecting ‘send to mobile’ option online or by visiting one of our Ryman stores and making note of the MTCN number upon transfer. All the receiver needs to do is enter the MTCN number online on their mobile.

If you have an online account with Western Union, you can send larger payments internationally safely and securely 24 hours a day. You'll get great exchange rates, quick transfer times, and all from the comfort of your own home. You can choose to send to a mobile or send to cash so that the receiver can visit their local participating Ryman store to collect the funds.

If you don’t yet have an account with Western Union, you can set one up for free with just your email and a password. Then you can choose to send money online within minutes or up to 2 days. If you choose to verify your account you can send up to £50’000 per transaction, otherwise the limit per Western Union transaction in the UK is £799.99.

How long does a transfer take? If you’re sending money abroad for a cash pick up, your receiver may be able to collect it in minutes. Both senders and receivers can easily track the status of a transfer using its unique MTCN, so check how your money’s doing on the WU website or with their free app.

Western Union has specialised in sending and receiving money all over the world for 150 years. Their trusted service is a way simple and secure way of sending money from person-person or place-to-place without currency or border issues.

What do I need to bring to transfer money?
To send money in person, don’t forget to bring a valid form of ID! Accepted IDs include current signed passports, driving licenses, emergency passports or travel documents, or ships passports. You must also know the receiver’s full name as it appears on their ID.

How much can I send online?
If you want to send more than 799.99 GBP within a five-day period, we will need to confirm your identity first. Once we've finished verifying your identity, you’ll be able to send up to 4,000 GBP within a three-day period. Although, for bank transfer (Faster Payment) to bank account payouts, you’ll be able to send up to 50,000 GBP per transfer depending on the selected country. Bank transfer is available for UK residents only. Additional limits may apply. For more information on faster payments, please visit: http://www.fasterpayments.org.uk/how-faster-payments-works

How do I know if my online transfer's been approved?
Your online receipt will show whether your transfer was approved. If we need more information before we can complete it, we'll send you an email and give you a call usually within 30 minutes. When the transfer's complete, you'll get an email with your tracking number (MTCN).

How do I send money to a bank account?
This service is available for certain countries. Usually, money is deposited into the recipient's bank account in up to 2 working days. Money may be deposited the same day or in as many as 3 working days, depending on when and where it's sent. After you send money, ask your recipient to contact their bank or check their bank statement to verify the deposit.

How do I send money to a mobile phone?
If your recipient lives in a country where we offer this service, you can send money to their mobile phone—so they can get  their money even more quickly and easily. Make sure your recipient has activated a mobile wallet with one of our partner mobile operators in their country. Otherwise, the money will not reach your intended recipient.

How do I pay?
You can pay online with your debit or credit card, and a bank account using Faster Payments. Supported cards include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. After you've chosen your destination country, you'll see the types of payout services available to you. You can pay in a Ryman store by cash and debit card only.


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