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Weight Lifting

High quality weightlifting equipment is key for an effective and safe home workout. We have a huge range of weights, weight benches, power racks, home gym stations, and other strength training equipment to help you take your weight lifting skills to the next level. Become the best version of yourself with Ryman!

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Lifting weights is a great way to stay fit and healthy and can be particularly effective if you have weight loss goals or, of course, want to build muscle. Whether you’re looking for dumbbells or barbells, weight training benches or power racks, we’re sure to have what you need.


What does lifting weights do to your body?

Weightlifting is beneficial to your health for many reasons beyond just building muscle. Lifting weights regularly helps to burn fat and strengthen your joints, which can reduce your risk of injury and also contribute towards better heart health. It can also boost your metabolism and foster positive mental health too. 


How to start weight lifting

When you start weightlifting, your approach should be determined by your fitness goals. If your primary goal is to lose weight and tone up, don’t go in with the heaviest weight you can lift. Instead focus on completing a higher number of controlled reps with a comfortable weight to build up your muscle endurance. Whereas if you want to focus on building muscle, you’ll want to focus on lifting heavier weights for fewer reps. This helps to break down the fibres of your muscle and then repair them, which leads to increased muscle mass. 

Focus on engaging your entire body when you lift - maintain a strong core, a straight back, and don’t lock out your arms or legs. 

You’ll know once you’re ready to go up a weight when you are able to easily and consistently work your way through 3 sets of your set number of reps. 


How many calories does weight lifting burn?

The amount of calories burnt whilst weightlifting depends on your body weight. In general, it is estimated that 30 minutes of weightlifting burns between 90 and 126 calories, or between 180 to 252 calories if you are doing vigorous weightlifting. 


Not quite found what you’re looking for? Check out our full range of home gym equipment, including strength training equipment and cardio machines.

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