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Office ergonomics help to keep you comfortable and healthy whilst working at a desk. Orthopedic seating, back supports, wrist rests, and laptop risers are all incredibly important pieces of equipment you need if you feel yourself seizing up or feeling uncomfortable during the working day. Our office ergonomics range covers a multitude of different concerns, from relieving neck pain to keeping your wrist joints healthy and mobile. Shop our full office ergonomics range below.

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Office ergonomics are incredibly important for those of us with desk jobs. Improper seating arrangements and desk height can be really damaging to not only your productivity, but your health too. Impeded blood flow, aching nerves, stiff joints, and muscle soreness can all be a product of a workstation that isn’t set up properly for your body. This is why, if you work at a desk regularly and for long periods, you need an ergonomic desk, chair, or desk accessories to keep you feeling supported throughout the working day.


Office ergonomics don’t just begin and end with additional back support or adjustable ergonomic desks that can be raised and lowered whenever you need. No, our range also includes monitor stands and laptop risers to ease neck strain, ergonomic mice to best prevent wrist strain, and monitor arms so you can slide your screens up and down to best accommodate you. It’s important you look after yourself in the workplace, so browse our full range of ergonomic support online. Regardless of you being in a commercial office or a home office, a working professional or studying full-time, look after your body and your health whilst at your desk with Ryman.

What features will make a desk chair ergonomic?

An ergonomic office chair will typically have most if not all of the following features: a height adjustable moulded foam seat, a built-in backrest or contour that is typically mesh or upholstered, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat or armrest depth, and a stable base on wheels. However, an orthopaedic chair is different. An orthopaedic chair will have all of the above features but it will also incorporate a free-float swivel mechanism. This allows you to control the movement of the seat and backrest independent of one and other. The cushion will also be slightly different, with the centre being a firmer foam than the surrounding area, helping to improve posture. Ergonomic chairs are designed for improved long-term comfort, and orthopaedic office chairs are for more comprehensive support. 

Why are ergonomic chairs important?

Ergonomic chairs are important in the workplace and at home because you need to be physically comfortable to be productive, positive, and supported. They help to limit common desk complaints such as stiff neck, back, shoulders, and muscular strain. When you work from a desk, you’ll be sitting down for anywhere between 5-8+ hours a day, so naturally you need to be comfortable during that time! Feel your productivity and positivity improve with an ergonomic chair.


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