6 Easy Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring
February 28, 2019

Are you as desperate as us to get outside again after another seemingly long winter? Step into the garden, feel the sun on your face and soak up the first glorious rays, grabbing the opportunity to freshen up your outdoor space as the weather starts to improve.

Follow our 6 easy ways to get your garden ready for spring...


Start with some cleaning. The first step to preparing your garden for spring is to clean up the leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter. Invest in a strong garden brush to make easy work of this or even a leaf blower for larger gardens.

Have a good look at your trees and shrubs for any winter damage and then prune off any broken or storm-damaged branches. Mow as early as you can and then weekly after that, to give your grass a tidy look and healthy start to the year.

Really spruce up your outdoor space by jet washing patios, flags and decking to remove mud and dirt that may have been ground in over winter. This is also a quick and easy way of removing any moss or shoots of grass that may have appeared in your grouting.

Pick a new colour and repaint or stain fences, sheds and decking. Choose an on-trend grey shade for a relatively cheap way of really smartening up your outdoors.


Have a good look at your garden storage and ensure the wood is remaining healthy. Open up your shed and inspect the floors and walls, particularly the corners and check that no leaks and sequentially, the rot have appeared over the winter.

If you haven't yet invested in some decent garden storage for mowers, bikes and tools now is a great time to have a look at what's out there. If space is limited then a lean-to garden store is the perfect compromise to free up much-needed space inside your home or garage.


If you want to fill your garden with colour this year then get planting in your borders and pots to create dazzling floral displays you can enjoy until autumn.

March is a great time to start planting hardier plants that can withstand a late frost. There are plenty of flowering varieties that can be sown in pots on your window sill and later transferred outside to bloom late spring and early summer.

If you are looking for low maintenance gardening options, opt for planters rather than borders for minimal weeding and controlled growth. We love this large wooden planter for a timeless look, whatever you outdoor style.

Spring is arguably the best time to treat your outdoor space to some new garden furniture. Don't find yourself on a warm April day totally unprepared to use the extra ‘room’ in your home that is the garden!

Ensure you make the best of the space for relaxing, enjoying drinks or dining alfresco. If you haven't already, invest in some rattan furniture for a stylish, hardwearing and budget friendly garden furniture option that's bang on trend. Sofa and table sets, corner sofas or dining sets are must haves for 2019.

Alternatively treat yourself to a classic garden bench, the perfect seating option for a sunny corner, heaven on a warm evening with a delicious drink.


Spend more time in the garden without feeling the chill by investing in a patio heaterchiminea or fire pit.

Whether you want to be able to enjoy your garden before the temperatures start to soar or you want to keep enjoying the garden after the sun goes down, then ensure you have some heat to help you out.

If you love the excitement of burning wood then a chiminea or fire pit is perfect for you. What's better then kicking back with a drink watching the flames lick the wood while your face gently warms on the glow.

Alternatively patio heaters offer the perfect solution to being warm and cosy all year round. Patio heaters offer adjustable temperatures as well as being more environmentally friendly than their fiery counterparts.


Celebrate the sheer joy of cooking outdoors with a barbeque. If you haven't already got one, check out our Barbeque Buying Guide to help you choose the perfect barbie.

It's never too early to start cooking outdoors (especially if your a seasoned griller!) so get ready for the start of the season with the following top tips;

• Since your barbecue may have been sitting unloved for a number of months it's a good idea to check it from a safety perspective - check the gas hose and ensure no components are rusty.

• Give any removable parts a good clean with warm soapy water - any surfaces where food will touch - clean!

• Fire it up for a test run - don't wait until your first barbie, light it and ensure its all working ok before you disappoint anyone with an oven cooked banger!