7 Neat Storage Ideas For The Perfect Home Office
July 28, 2020

Whether you work from home full time or just spend a few days a week studying and sorting life admin, the importance of an organised home office can't be underestimated. Having your own dedicated space within your home to focus solely on work will result in you being much more productive and feeling a lot less stressed.

Smart office storage ideas can turn a tiny space, such as a corner of a bedroom or small balcony, into an efficient workspace that is convenient and doesn't get in the way of daily life.

Let's explore some of the best storage ideas that will help you knuckle down and complete all the tasks on your to-do list.

1. Invest in Box Shelves 

Box shelves give you an excellent opportunity to the display and store items in a decorative yet practical way. They are fantastic for storing multiple objects of various shapes and sizes with numerous shelves allowing you to stack files or equipment in a presentable fashion.

They will instantly become a distinctive feature of your home office without making the walls feel cluttered and will provide an adequate place in which you can easily spot items at a moment's notice.

Perfect if you're on a budget, fabric storage cubes are an ideal way to store those every day bits and pieces, and can be arranged in any shape or combination that you like. You can also get creatively colourful by sourcing old pallets or wooden boxes and giving them a makeover, to add some zest into your home.

2. Invest in a Foldaway Desk

Foldaway desks are an excellent choice if you're struggling for room, or want to get into the habit of keeping your workstation as tidy and welcoming as possible. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so it's really easy to find an attractive desk to complement the home office space you have.

3. Keep Cables Tidy

When you are working with limited space, the tangled web of wires that we can find ourselves dealing with, is enough to stress anyone out. By organising your cables with cable ties or storing them in some super colourful storage boxes , you'll have much more space to focus on the important things!

4. Put Up Inspirational Boards

Peg, magnetic or cork boards are wonderful bits of kit that allow you to keep important notes or useful items of stationery easily visible but away from potentially cluttering desk space, and are great for keeping essential notes or paperwork in an easy to reach location.

They're also great for saving on floor space, so you'll have more room to a "Happy Friday" dance, knowing that your important documents won't get crumpled in the process.

To complete the homely feel, add family photos, inspirational quotes or cute memorabilia to these boards to motivate yourself to work even harder.

5. House Printers in a Chest of Drawers

Nothing quite messes with the aesthetic of a carefully curated workstation like a big, bulky printer.

A fantastic desk storage idea is to remove the bottom drawer from a chest of drawers entirely and create a stylish space to house your printer. This not only offers a less bland look to your home office but provides you with ample desk space, keeping your office looking spick and span.

This clever design hack also means you won't be feeling like you're still at the office once you've completed all your work and don't wish to use the printer.


6. Use Hanging Organisers

When considering home office storage ideas, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option for using underutilised space than a hanging organiser.

Easily installed to hang on the inside of a bedroom cupboard or over the side of your home office desk, they provide a great way of showing off your fancy new desk accessories or storing essentials. 

7. Get Creative with Abstract Space

Grab yourself a cuppa and take a look at your home office space. Is it relaxing? Does it utilise available space? If not, get creative and see how you can turn abstract spaces into a zen-like working space!

We've got so many options to suit all budgets and spaces, from luxurious desk accessories all the way up to office furniture that will make sure your home office reflects your personality!


Ready to find the perfect home office storage options for you? Explore the possibilities and #RelyOnRyman