7 Ways to Spark Joy When Organising Your Home and Office
December 20, 2019

The hit Netflix show ‘Tidying Up’ has inspired people to clear the clutter and transform their homes and offices into serene and calming spaces.

The star of the show; Marie Kondo and founder of the KonMari Method™ believes a happier existence can be had simply by clearing out anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in your life!

Tidying up is contagious and after watching the show it’s easy to see how this tidying craze has got people whipping out bin bags, filling up their boots and heading for charity shops around the country. The method encourages tiding your home by category or item type, not location. For example, most tidying methods would have you start in your bedroom sorting under your bed, your wardrobe, drawers etc. until tidy

The KonMari Method™ encourages that you tidy by category, concentrate on clothes as a whole first then move onto shoes, books and miscellaneous items…

Start by making piles of all of the items by category. This will help you to put things in perspective before you start to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Imagine all of your clothes in one giant stack – maybe you don’t need 27 different dresses after all! Next pick each item up and decide if it ‘sparks joy’ or not, creating two separate piles – to keep and to go.

Clear Storage Boxes

Marie Kondo advises using clear boxes for the storage of the items you will keep. Do not store your items where you can’t see into them such as bags or cardboard boxes. Storing your possessions in clear containers like Really Useful Boxes makes it easier to see what’s inside.

This is especially important when storing items in the attic, garage or shed, so that you can see with a glance the contents of the box, helping you to locate items fast and ensuring you don’t go out and buy something that you already have.

Choose your storage carefully for the items that you want to keep. Ensure there are suitably sized boxes for each category and organise items by size into each box. Small items with small items in small boxes and vice versa for larger things.

The Basic Rules

Follow the KonMari basic rules for tidying while you go; commit to tidying up, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy by category - not by location, follow the right order and finally ask yourself if the item sparks joy…

Check out our top 7 storage boxes

#1 Really Useful Box 35 Litre Clear Pack of 3

Storing items vertically means that they are easier to access, these 35 Litre Boxes can be stacked on top of each other for a space saving, easy access solution. Perfect for storing a variety of items such as clothes, toys, tools, folders in your home or office.

Take out all of the toys and separate into piles – involve the children and see which toys spark joy in them, getting rid of any that don’t! Then sort the toys into boxes by category, such as learning toys, soft toys, books etc.

#2 Really Useful Box 64 Litre Clear Pack of 2

These 64-litre boxes are ideal for storing less frequently used items inside. Occasional use items can be kept in the garage, shed or attic and organised into boxes by their category. All of your tools would be in the same box, old toys in another and Christmas Decorations another and so on.

Sort through and shred unwanted letters, utility bills and documents. Store documents to keep in a 19 Litre Really Useful Box with A4 suspension files.

#3 Really Useful Storage Towers

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ Drawer storage is a great way to follow Marie’s method. These Really Useful storage towers come with a variety of box sizes so that you can store your items to be kept neatly, available in desktop sizes or floor standing.

#4 Really Useful 9 Litre Box Plus Tray with Compartments

Use boxes you can compartmentalise such as the Really Useful 9 Litre box with tray inserts. Ideal for organising smaller items for crafts, stationery and miscellaneous items in every room of your home!

Frequently of used items, and things you need every day should be kept where you can easily access them such as the in the house (rather than the garage) and the front of drawers and cupboards – less frequent items can be stored in harder to reach areas

#5 Really Useful Box Storage Organiser

When storing very small items think very small boxes! These 0.3-litre boxes facilitate this method of tidying perfectly. Keep jewellery, makeup, stationery, sewing items and anything else that needs a home in these clear boxes, tidy and ready for use when you need them.

#6 Really Useful Under Bed Storage Boxes

Create space for every item by utilising every inch of your home as a storage solution. Under the bed, storage is an ideal place for storing a variety of items and these clear boxes ensure you can quickly find what you are looking for when you need to.

If space at home is at a premium separate your clothes into further categories – summer and winter. Storing clothes away in vac packed storage bags for space optimisation!

#7 Really Useful Storage Box Bonus Packs

Get started with this bonus pack of storage boxes. With a variety of sizes included, you can ensure your items are stored not only by category (similar items together) but also by size (small items with small items in small boxes!)

Don’t forget, it will get worse before it gets better, this method involves pulling out and piling up all of your worldly goods, it’s a messy job but a normal part of the process and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make the job less overwhelming by tackling one category at a time.

And finally, inject some Japanese spiritual mindfulness into your life by giving thanks for the roof over your head and appreciating the home that you have. For every item that you get rid of, give thanks for its service before you let it go!