8 Colours To Improve Your Mood with Stationery
September 28, 2018

Improve Your Mood

Here at Ryman, we work with colour every day and take a real interest in how it can impact our lives and change our moods. The start of a new term at school, uni or college can often bring mixed emotions and in this blog we explore how different colours can alter the way we feel - whether that’s to make us feel calmer, more energised and even happier.

Read on to discover how to harness the full potential of colour to improve your mood and make you feel more focused and in control whether you are at work or in education.

Colour Can Help To Reduce Stress

It has long been recognised that colours can affect the way we feel. We know that using colour can significantly improve your memory and recall , and the impact it has on our emotions has become a hot topic recently. Colouring books for adults, colour therapy and colour based psychology are growing in popularity.

In our recent survey of over 5,000 students, we found that 51% of students know someone who has dropped out of uni due to stress, while a huge 70% of students said that mental health had been an issue for them during their time at university. These results signify the fact that stress can have a big impact on how we learn, focus and live our lives during our years at college and uni.

The Best Colours To Improve Your Mood

It is well known that you can enhance your mood at home by decorating rooms in a certain colour. If you’re living in rented or shared accommodation, you may find that painting a room just isn’t an option. The next best thing is to look to the items you use every day to see how you can add colour and personality with these. And if you’re a student, we bet that stationery items make up a decent proportion of your things!

Here’s the lowdown on what colours you can bring to your desk to switch your moods around.

#1 Pastel Colours - For Control and Peace

Pastel colours often create an air of calm, peace and serenity. As we rush from one thing to the next, it’s easy to find ourselves in a busy loop. By laying out a pastel spread to work in, you’re essentially giving your eyes and brain an opportunity to find space and breathe. When we’re at our most busy, taking a pastel pause can help us regain control and balance.

#2 Bold Colours - For Inspiration

Too many bold colours can divert our attention and make us feel overwhelmed. And they can be distracting at times when focusing is important. But, orange sure does brighten up a grey day - and a flat mood! Why not use a couple of bright orange stationery and desk accessories as key features?

#3 Blue - For Creativity and Calmness

Blue is often associated with creativity and is believed to bring a balance to emotions. Inject some blue hues into your pads, pens and pencil pots for a tranquil work environment.

#4 Purple Colours - For Positive Visualisation

Connected to curiosity, purple is a great colour to turn to when you need to get stuck into serious study and research. Colour experts turn to purple for positive visualisation, so you certainly can too!

#5 Red Colours - For Motivation

Red, as we know is the colour of love - but more than that, it is about warmth and passion. Laying out some reds while you work will help you feel motivated and keep you on track.

#6 Citrus Colours - For Inner strength and vibrancy

There’s nothing quite like a cold glass of tangy fruit juice to give you some zing. And it’s the same when we boost our work space with citrus goodness. Yellows, oranges and greens - like their fruity friends - boost your energy and help you feel vibrant.

#7 Yellow - For Happiness

Inject sunshine into your day by surrounding yourself with stationery in yellow shades, perfect for really lifting your happiness levels.

#8 Green Colours - For Health and Energy

By bringing greens into your space, you can harness the positive aspects of nature. Green is life affirming and stimulates healthy and energetic feelings.

These enriching colours are associated with health, wellbeing and harmony and it’s recommended to bring as much from these positive, happiness-boosting colours to your life, wherever possible.

Creating a colour-themed work area that balances your moods means you’re giving yourself time to reflect on how you’re feeling and what you can do to improve things. It’s particularly recommended that you take stock of things as the seasons begin to change, so that you recognise your surroundings should change as your environment does. In the summer you may not feel that yellow is a colour that is missing from your life - but by the end of February, stocking up on some yellow notebooks or folders could be exactly what you need.

Using colour therapy and mandalas to relax and de-stress

While using mood enhancing colours in your everyday life, it’s worth looking at extra ways you can give your mood a lift when you’re trying to relax after a busy day.

If you find yourself using screen time for downtime, chances are you’re not giving your brain time to process and unwind. Switching off your screens and immersing yourself in a relaxing, creative task is a great way to do this - and you’ll find your sleep will improve too.

Drawing and colouring mandalas is a great way to do this. You can make it as intricate or simple as you like. The repetitive, immersive nature of the task acts as a meditation tool and you’ll find yourself relaxed and calm quickly.

Once you’ve created your own beautiful designs, you can choose the pens, or pencils to colour in the mandala to suit your mood.

It’s immensely satisfying to create these beautiful images. The act of drawing - and then colouring, repetitive lines and shapes helps you switch off entirely from a busy day and can encourage you to process your day and experiences rather than block them out with screens.

Whether you’re looking to give yourself an energy boost or perhaps to feel more tranquil, there’s a colour out there to help you. Taking time to consider how you’re feeling is hugely beneficial and with our colour guide, you can find out why you love your favourite colour so much, and what it can actually do to enhance your day.