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8 Home Office Organisation Ideas

8 Home Office Organisation Ideas

Lots of people are starting to enjoy a more hybrid working model; balancing some days in the office with days working from home. It's more important than ever to have an organised working space, to ensure you stay productive and creative. Using clever storage systems and creative thinking can lead you to a more organised life.

Check out our top tips for creating the most organised home office you've ever had, for now, and into the future:

1. Identify your organisation goals


Identify the chaos spots. What causes you the most stress? Piles of papers in a corner of your office, a messy desk, or stacks of letters and bills in your kitchen? Lack of time and control over the family schedules at the moment? A feeling that the mess is creeping into other rooms of your house such as bedrooms and living areas?

Once you’ve identified the chaos spots there are two types of solutions;

Physical: A practical solution such as using storage boxes, can help to keep unnecessary clutter out of the way, helping you to create space and freedom to help your mind stay productive.

Psychological: Making a plan or schedule, devising a strategy or list, and creating goals

With a clearer vision of the issues and what is required to fix them, why not pick three goals to work on? Bullet journaling is ideal for this - a straightforward way to create list plans and smash your organisational goals.

2. Take back control and write a daily plan

You may be using a diary less these days, but it's still a good idea to keep a daily planner in front of you each day for visual prompts and reminders. You don’t have to give up your smartphone calendars or other gadgets - but backing up your digital diary with a paper copy is always a good idea. However, by adding in a desk planner - or a family wall planner, you will increase your memory recall and are less likely to forget things. 

3. De-clutter the chaos

Clutter creates visual noise and it’s hard to concentrate or feel calm in noise. Wherever there is clutter there is always a storage solution to deal with it. The more flexible and cost-effective the storage solution the better, so grab a few Really Useful Boxes and work out your priorities.

Here are a few suggestions for flexible, low-cost storage solutions.

1. Store shoes in a perfectly designed box at the bottom of your wardrobe

2. Have a box of winter and summer clothes stored under your bed and rotate

3. Keep boxes in the car boot for shopping

4. Stack boxes on the floor of cupboards or wardrobes for scarves, ties, and belts, etc.

5. Find storage solutions to help with recycling by keeping some in your garage for paper, aluminum, and plastics

6. Fill dead space or narrow corners with tall storage solutions such as a Really Useful Tower

7. Use coloured boxes for toys or creative materials in bedrooms and playrooms

Read how we helped one Ryman customer find Really Useful storage solutions to tidy her daughter’s messy bedroom once and for all. Keeping a garage tidy might seem like a lost art but we’ve found some great ways to use storage to tidy a garage.

4. Create a beautiful workspace

You might wonder how creating a beautiful workspace can help with getting organised. It’s very simple. The more you love your workspace, the more you’re going to keep it tidy. It’s about making the commitment to keep on top of things. You are much more likely to do that if you have a desk and accessories so beautiful it should have its own Instagram account.

Office storage solutions are a great way to get started on creating a zen-like office but there are other elements to consider. We’ve written about how colour can alter your mood so choose a few colours that match the energy you need and work from there.

For a calm and serene working space you could opt for neutral and pastel desk accessories; or for something a little more eye-catching, the rose gold stationery trend is a perfect addition to a stylish workspace. 

5. Think smaller

You may have been thinking that a home office needs to be as big as your usual desk at work - that's simply not true! You can often find that creating a cosier working environment, helps to get the creative juices flowing and ease stress. 

Working from home, or in a cramped office does not need to be uncomfortable or untidy. Utilise small spaces with a range of desks to suit all room sizes.

6. Put paper in its place

Introduce a filing system to your messy paper spaces. The modern style of filing cabinets with an industrial, minimalist look is bang on trend right now; the various colours available, meaning that you can match or contrast them with your home office decor and theme.

7. Invest in a shredder

Whilst we're under no illusions that shredding is a bit of a laborious task, it's so essential for organisation and safety. Why not sort through paper and documents and get rid of old letters, bills, and correspondence no longer needed? Ensure that you shred unwanted documents to protect your identity.

If feeling organised and in control is a top priority for you lately, then you’re not alone! It's been a really popular idea to make use of any downtime that we all have at the moment, to do the "less than exciting" tasks around the house. Being able to cross this one off your to-do list is a really easy way of feeling like you're winning at life!

8. Treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn't always mean buying something extravagant or expensive; simply stepping away from your workspace to have a nice well-earned bath and a cup of tea, often works wonders for the soul! 

If you're looking to buy something new as a reward for your hard work, why not cheer yourself up with something quirky but useful? Practical yet fun things; such as our new cardboard desks or an eye-catching new water bottle, help to bring some cheeriness to the day, whilst still helping you to stay productive!

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