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A Sketch A Day

A Sketch A Day

Most people have kept a diary at some point in their lives. A short account of things that happen during the day, a priorities list, or simply keeping track of appointments and meetings, keeping a diary is really useful to get into the habit of doing.

As we have found ourselves in unprecedented times, we have been discussing our favourite alternative ways of keeping a daily record of life at home, and alongside using journals or conventional methods… and we keep coming back to our favourite method, the Sketch a Day way.

The idea is to sketch a visual journal that conveys your mood, thoughts, memories, or experiences and it really appealed to us.

We could help you start your own Stay at Home Sketch a Day challenge.

Firstly choose a sketchbook that appeals and maybe fits nicely on your home office desk or bedside table. Quality paper is a must (the higher the GSM the better!) and it’s a good idea to choose a book with a hardcover - ideal for keeping your memories in perfect condition.

You can find a wide variety of sketch pads here.  Don’t forget a good sketching pencil as well

Inspiration for sketches is all around. Sketching the person sitting opposite you whilst having a Netflix binge, the apple on your new home office desk, a scene from a picture taken on your phone during your daily walk, or stepping out into your garden and sketching in the sunshine… it can literally be anything that captures your heart or imagination that day - just touch pencil to paper.

Top 3 reasons we love the sketch a day way

#1 Hone your artist’s skills – remember you are not Picasso and are not trying to be either!

#2 Improve creativity – feed your creative spirit and channel your creative juices

#3 Share ideas and sketches with friends– potential inspiration for others

#Remember that the pictures don’t have to be gallery-worthy, this is for your enjoyment…so find a pad, grab a pencil and get started!