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Back to School Checklist 2023

Back to School Checklist 2023

Avoid the annual summer craziness and get organised with our Back to School checklist. Tick off items as you go over the course of the holidays and be September ready in no time!

It’s that time of year again! The summer holidays are finally here and sunny days can be enjoyed free of the classroom. We’re one step ahead at Ryman, and already getting ready for Back to School 2023.

Whether you’re preparing for your child to go back to primary school or secondary school, Ryman has everything you need in a one-stop shop. From the most fashionable stationery to the coolest lunch boxes- we have it all!

To make your life a little easier we have created this handy Back to School checklist containing all of your must-have school supplies. Make sure you check out our latest fashion stationery ranges including, Jurassic, Make Believe and Good Vibes.

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Download the checklists here:

Primary School

Secondary School


For the primary school years, it’s likely that your child is supplied with all the stationery and books they need. However, once they make the leap to secondary school, they might be expected to bring in their own supplies for each lesson.

Here’s our top 10 list of stationery essentials to start secondary school as a winner! 

We’ve all been there, you’ve decked your school bag out with the coolest stationery for a fresh start of term, only to find that your lunch box has leaked! Covering exercise books helps them to stay protected from spills and damage, cover each book with a plastic cover to ensure it lasts the year.

Stationery Extras Your Kids May Need:


It doesn’t seem like five minutes since you were buying the last lot of uniform, but it’s that time again! We’ve covered the basics in our shopping list below:

  • Polo shirts or button-downs (3 or 5, depending on how often you want to use the washing machine)
  • Jumper or cardigan
  • Shoes
  • Socks x5
  • Grey or black trousers/skirts x 3
  • Waterproof coat

Depending on the school’s uniform, a blazer with the school crest as well as a tie may be needed. Oh and don’t forget, it’s a tradition to have uniform that’s way too big at the start of the year, there needs to be room to grow into it!

P.E Kit

It’s safe to say that most PE kits of children get lost at some point (not with the Personalised by Ryman kit bags though!). Stick to the affordable basics that you can easily replace if items are lost or get too stained to be salvaged:

Core Extras

  • Backpack - the most exciting back to school purchase for every pupil!

Let your child choose a lunch box that they love and you can then fill with a delicious meal to keep them going throughout the day!

  • Lunchware - bottles, boxes, bags - we’ve got you (and your snacks) covered!  
  • School lockers? You’ll need a combination lock.
  • Hand sanitiser, an absolute must-have these days! Top Tip: the travel sizes are great to throw into your children’s backpack or lunch bag.

Almost there, only a few more items to check off the Back to School list!

Name Labels

Lastly, don’t forget to label everything (not your child though, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!) Your child’s name should be in their uniform clothing, on their books and in their P.E. bag. 

Fabric pens or a Sharpie will do the trick for clothing, or labels can be used to mark lunchboxes, water bottles and pencil cases.

If you're looking for a super fast, effective way to label uniforms, look no further than our amazing Stamptastic range. The bundles come with a personalised stamp and long-lasting fabric ink. You can put clothing into the washer for a minimum of 50 times without any fading, the stamp pad will last 2 years so it is worth the investment. 

That’s it, you’re done! 

Find all your Back to School Essentials here to ensure you don’t miss out on Ryman’s… incredible offers and on trend stationery styles this year. With the children all prepped for the next year at school, you can fully relax over the summer holidays and enjoy a well-earned break!

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