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Christmas Storage

Christmas Storage

As the twinkling lights and cheerful carols make their annual comeback, it's time to delve into the heart of the holiday season. But hold on- before you fully immerse yourself in the merry madness, let's talk about a topic often overshadowed by the jingle bells and gingerbread houses: Christmas Storage. There's nothing worse than taking down the Christmas decorations, awkwardly stuffing them away in broken cardboard boxes and throwing them in the loft - future you will not thank you for it! That's why we believe that these storage boxes will save you hassle for many years to come.

Christmas Tree Storage

Introducing the Strata Christmas Tree Box, a premium storage solution designed specifically to protect and preserve your beloved Christmas trees. This storage box features a sturdy construction with an extra strong lid and convenient clip handles, ensuring secure storage and easy transportation. Built to accommodate most 7ft trees, it's spacious interior offers ample room to keep your tree safe from dust, pests and damage during the off season. 

Wreath Storage

Protect and store your wreath and keep it looking beautiful year upon year with this useful and practical Strata Large Wreath Storage Box. Brilliant for storing a large wreath or garland, this handy storage box can fit a wreath measuring up to 60cm in diameter. There is an easy to use latch on the box offering a secure and tight closure, as well as a moulded handle allowing for easy portability.

Bauble Storage

Perfect for storing away your Christmas baubles, this storage box comes with card inserts that create 36 individual sections to help protect your baubles from damage.

Wrapping Paper Storage

Perfect for storing your wrapping paper, this storage box is designed to hold standard length wrapping paper tubes.

It's clear that a well-organised approach to storing away Christmas decorations can make a significant difference in simplifying the Christmas season. By investing a little time, effort and money into efficient Christmas storage, you'll be gifting yourself the priceless present of a smoother, more enjoyable decorating experience in the future. 


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