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Coronation Crafts

Coronation Crafts

With the Coronation on it's way, why not celebrate by creating some fun and colourful Coronation Crafts! 

These crafts are perfect to help you decorate your home/garden this May.

Why not take a look at our Coronation range here for the party supplies you need to get started.

Tissue Paper Flag

With the Coronation fast approaching, it’s time to break out the decorations!

Why not create this Tissue Paper Flag, however big or small you wish. These would pair perfectly with some bunting or balloons

Step 1.

Begin by tearing your tissue paper into little pieces.
Then take the small pieces and roll them into a little ball.

Step 2.

Pour some glue into a tray.
Then take the little balls and dip them into the glue.

Step 3.

Press the glued tissue paper ball onto your Union jack template.

Repeat this step until you have covered the template.

Union Jack Windmill

Want to decorate your garden in time for the Coronation?
These Union Jack Windmills are perfect for decorating your plant pots and front lawns!
Why not decorate your garden with some flags too?

You will need:

Union Jack Colouring Sheet (download here)


Paper Fastener

Colouring Pencils

Step 1. 

Begin by colouring in the printed Union Jack colouring sheet

Step 2.

Cut out the coloured template to make a square

Step 3.

Fold the paper diagonally so it turns into a triangle and crease it lightly. 
Repeat this for the opposite side so you have an ‘X’ creased into the card.

Step 4.

Cut halfway along the creases. 
(TIP: Do not cut all the way.)

Step 5.

Using the dots provided on the template, use a hole punch to create a hole.
Also create a hole on one end of your straw.

Step 6.

Bend each corner into the middle.
(TIP: Bend, not fold)

Step 7.

Align all four holes together and push the paper fastener through them all as well as the straw.