Our Top Cute Stationery Picks

Our Top Cute Stationery Picks

Stationery doesn't have to be boring. Why not fill your pencil case with cute stationery instead?

Stationery has the power to make the most boring tasks considerably more enjoyable, and there is no stationery better than cute stationery! There is no age limit on cute stationery, it’s for anyone who wants to make their stationery cupboards look more interesting. You can use cute stationery to brighten up your desk at work, uni, or school too. It’s truly for everyone. We’re going to show you our top cute stationery picks so you can step up your stationery collection.

Our Must-Have Pretty Stationery Picks

Flat lay on a textured background featuring a laptop, open notebook, pencils and sticky notes.Flat lay on a textured background featuring a laptop, open notebook, pencils and sticky notes.

Your stationery essentials don’t have to just be functional. Choose some pretty stationery that will make you feel good while you’re using it.

We have a whole range of pretty notebooks, pens, pencil cases, and so much more! At Ryman, we have the prettiest stationery around so you can be sure you’ll find something you love with us.

Cute Pencil Cases to Store Your Stationery

Everyone needs a pencil case to stop pens and pencils rolling around in their bag, so why not get a cute one? Grabbing your pretty pencil case from out of your bag at the start of the work day is sure to put you in a better mood. Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy will keep you feeling more positive and productive throughout the day.

If you like a bit of glitter, the Purple Glitter Wedge Pencil Case (£3.99) needs to go in your work bag. Adding a bit of sparkle into your stationery is sure to brighten up your office. This pencil case can easily fit all of your essentials in, and a little more. You won’t have to worry about choosing between your favourite highlighters!

Florals always look cute, and you can have them on this Vibrant Surf Floral Flat Pencil Case (£5.99). Bring a more tropical feel to your stationery collection with this pencil case, while keeping all of your pens neatly organised. The Vibrant Surf pencil case has one main compartment with plenty of space to make sure you don’t squash your sticky notes.

Animals are classically cute and easily a favourite for many, so walk on the wild side with our Purple Cloud Leopard Wedge Pencil Case (£6.99). This cute pencil case has an eye-catching purple leopard print design that is sure to stand out in any office or classroom. You won’t have to worry about squashing everything into this pencil case either, it has more than enough room for all of your favourite pens and pencils.

Pretty Notebooks for Any Occasion

A black personalised notebook lies on a marble background next to a mug of coffee and a plantA black personalised notebook lies on a marble background next to a mug of coffee and a plant

Notebooks are a stationery staple and you have to have one! Take your notes in a pretty notebook to help you remember everything you need for your next meeting or exam.

For the young, or young at heart, our Magic and Sparkle Polyprop Notebook (£3.99) is sure to put a smile on your face when you bring it out in the office or classroom. With adorable designs on the bottom of each page, writing notes will be something you look forward to.

There’s no feeling like writing in a fresh new notebook, why not keep that fresh feeling going with the Wild Tropics Softcover Notebook (£4.99)? This wirebound A4 notebook will make project planning so much more fun! It’s also got an elastic closure to make sure your pages don’t fall open and get squashed in your bag. You don’t want to turn up to a meeting with crumpled pages.

Why not treat yourself and get a completely unique notebook? The Ryman Personalised Medium Soft Cover Notebook (£9.99) will have your name and initials beautifully engraved on the front, so everyone will know that it’s yours. It adds a little elegance to your stationery collection and you’re sure to love writing in it.

The Cutest Pens to Brighten Up Your Day

A row of STABILO Boss highlighters sit on a pale blue notebook A row of STABILO Boss highlighters sit on a pale blue notebook

Pens are often seen as only a practical stationery item. We think you should take the opportunity to show off your personality with your pens!

Ballpoint pens are the go to choice for many. The Ryman Pastel Ballpoint Pens (£2.49) are both practical and cute! Having pastel pens in your office will brighten things up, and make writing more enjoyable. It’s a great option for people who want to have pens that are a little different, but don’t have a wild design.

For the ultimate ‘aw’ factor, choose the Legami I Love Bamboo Pencil with Eraser (£2.99). This adorable pencil has the cutest panda sitting on top which doubles as an eraser. Don’t worry if you find it hard to write with the panda on top of the pen, he can be removed. You can sit him at your desk instead to function as a desk companion! This fun HB pencil will add a super cute twist to your stationery collection.

Highlighters are a must for any stationery collection, and they should be cute! The STABILO Boss Mini Pastel Love Highlighters (£6.99) need to be added to your basket. Cute illustrations have been added to the pens, and the pastel colours of the ink will keep your notes bright and organised. The small size of these highlighters means they will easily fit into your pencil case too.

Cute Stationery Sets to Complete Your Collection

Stationery sets are a great gift, for a friend or for yourself. There are so many cute stationery gift sets you can choose from to keep you feeling positive while you work.

Animals are always a winner when you want cute stationery, as we’ve clearly established. The Pink Marble Leopard Print Notebook and Pen Set (£9.99) is an adorable blush pink colour with a simple gold leopard print design emblazoned onto it. Having a matching pen and notebook will make you feel more put together and productive. You’ll be ready to face whatever the workday brings!

Minimalistic designs can still be cute, and that’s why we love the Small Black and White Notebook and Pen Set (£9.99). Not everyone wants stationery covered in flowers or animal print, simple spots are just as adorable. Sometimes, going for a minimalist design can make your head feel clearer and more focused. It’s a great option for the more practical minded who still want to add a bit of cuteness to their stationery collection.

Having cute stationery isn’t a completely materialistic thing. It can make you feel positive and happy. When you’re feeling happier you’ll be a lot more productive and that’s exactly what you need if you’re in the office or at school doing coursework.

Complete your stationery collection with Ryman, you can find everything you need on our website.

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