Everything You Need to Work Outside (And Be Productive!)
July 28, 2021

We all know that a little time outside can help reduce stress and uplift mood, so why not make the most of the British summer and take your work outside. Many of us are still WFH at least a couple of days a week, so we think it’s time to make yourself an outdoor garden office. Working outside can refresh your creativity and help give you a little vitamin D boost! 

If you’re headed outside with your laptop this summer we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to get comfy, reduce screen glare and keep cool.

Step 1: First find your space

Find a spot in the garden that the WiFi reaches (a must for staying on top of emails) and has good power supply. This could be a spot on a patio or grassy area that will allow you to run an extension lead through a door or window to ensure your equipment stays fully charged. Ryman even has five metre Cassette Reel extenders for those lucky enough to have spacious gardens.

Step 2: Build your outdoor office

Now you’ve secured your spot, make it your own. Focus on what you will need to be productive and get comfy. We recommend a cushion for extra back support if you’re working from an outdoor sofa like @itsgoodtobehome___, who has also included the Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand in her set up to ensure neck pain doesn’t taint her alfresco WFH days. These laptop stands are designed with anti-slip arms to hold any laptop and parallel support arms to allow for maximum ventilation to keep your machine from overheating. 

Working with a terrace or balcony instead? Why not take inspiration from @interiorcurve who created this rooftop paradise with Ryman earlier this year. Siobhan added some essential shade to this sun trap with the Charles Bentley Garden Premium Hanging Banana Parasol, making this the perfect spot to work on screen or scroll for design inspiration. She even added a little decorative touch to her space with these Geometric Planters for total urban oasis vibes! 

They do say the early bird catches the worm! @jade.doutch has created the perfect coffee spot to check her emails with these gorgeous concrete benches by Charles Bentley at Ryman. We’re obsessed with this industrial design that will add a stylish edge to any outdoor office (or entertaining) space!

Step 3: Handy Tips for Working Outdoors in the Heat

So now you have your space sorted, we’ve got a few tips from Ryman HQ on how to work outdoors in the heat and stay productive in your new environment.

1. Stay Hydrated (important inside or outside) make sure you’re getting enough water with handy reminders from this Polar Gear bottle

2. Take regular breaks, let the outdoors inspire you! 

3. Shade, helps to keep you cool and will stop any glare on outdoor screens 

4. Make sure you’re well equipped! If the sun is shining and you decide to work outside. Use ten minutes in the morning to gather everything you need for a day at the ‘office’ so you’re not running back and forth throughout the day. 

5. Keep cool! Shade will help with this, but you can also create your own summer breeze with USB fans for your laptop or phone.

Step 4: Outdoor Office Essentials

Ryman has everything you need to create the perfect home office, whether you're inside or outside. Seeking some shade in the garden, take a peek at our parasols or in need of a cool breeze wherever you are? We’ve got all you need from fans and cooling online and in-store. 

So let’s hope this heatwave lasts, and be sure to send us a snap of your alfresco office for a chance to feature on Ryman social media! #RelyOnRyman