How to Wrap Christmas Presents like a Pro
December 23, 2017

We have all been there, sat in front of that final pile of awkwardly shaped presents left to the side, letting out a sigh or two before we brave the task of wrapping them in a way that looks…well… like an adult has wrapped them!

Not to fear! Our gift wrapping specialist here at Ryman has teamed up with Sellotape for their 80th birthday to provide you with 4 really useful videos that will help you tackle the most awkwardly shaped presents in a flash.

4 Amazing Gift Wrapping Videos

These 4 “how to gift wrap like a pro” videos were made after we asked everyone in our Ryman offices the golden question “What is the hardest thing to wrap at Christmas?” We then took the top 4 answers that we got back, did some research, and created 4 easy and fun ways to help solve those wrapping nightmares. Here are the top 4 difficult gifts to wrap at Christmas and the wrapping hacks to help you get them sorted:

1) How to Gift Wrap A Bottle

Yes, you could just pop it into a long and narrow gift bag, but there is no fun in that. If you want anyone to think you are not only a wrapping pro but enjoy a little origami now and again, try this method of wrapping your bottle, inspired from the far east.

2) How to Gift Wrap A Round Tin or Tub of Chocolates

Tins and tubs of chocolates are an essential Christmas gift. Everyone know the rule though, you buy a few to giveaway, and one to keep for “guests” …a.k.a. you. For those tubs and tins you want to gift wrap and show off your wrapping skills, this video shows a really simple technique to wrap a round object using tissue paper, yes! Tissue paper!

3) How to Gift Wrap A Mug

A mug is absolutely fine to wrap, if it's in a lovely neat box to wrap, but what if it's not packaged, how do you wrap a mug with the same elegance as your other presents? Well not to worry, this is a classic method will definitely give your mug flare.

4) How to Gift Wrap A Soft Toy /An Awkward Shape

Wrapping a soft toy or awkwardly shaped item were both highlighted as the 4th most difficult thing to wrap, so we thought we would show you a method of wrapping that not only covers soft toys but can cover almost anything oddly shaped, that doesn’t come in a box, for example, a rugby ball or a woolly hat. Definitely a good one to have in the present wrapping bank.

So there you have it, 4 great ways to help you tackle the toughest presents to wrap this Christmas. These videos were developed in association with Sellotape in honour of their 80th Birthday! As well as the gift wrapping products we do, you might have spotted the Limited Edition Sellotape Tin in the videos! A great collector’s item for the nostalgic among us.

Anyway we hope these videos have helped you. Tag us and use the hashtag #wrapwithryman in any gift wrapping pictures you would like to show off and we will retweet and share these to spread the Christmas wrapping inspiration. Good Luck!