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Top Tips For Setting New Year's Resolutions

Top Tips For Setting New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to a brand-new year! This is a perfect opportunity to think positively and set goals for the year. It’s important to remind yourself, however, that if you don’t achieve these goals - it’s not the end of the world! Don’t be too hard on yourself, think realistically and most importantly; have fun doing it! Here are our top tips to keep you on track…


Before you can set new goals, it’s time to reflect on the previous year to see what worked well for you and what didn’t. Did you set an unrealistic goal? Did you find sticking to a routine difficult? Were you forgetting to make time for your new goal? 

Try using sticky notes to write these down individually and sticking them to a wall so you can see these clearly whilst you move on to the next step…

Goal Setting

For this next step, you can organise this however you like. Either write them down on sticky notes, get a wall planner, a diary, or even a whiteboard. Put them somewhere you can see them every day to remind yourself of your objectives. 

When setting your goals, there are a few things to consider: 


1. Don’t be vague! 
Writing a goal like “workout more” isn’t specific enough to fit into your daily/weekly routine. Writing a goal such as “exercise twice a week for at least 30 minutes” will feel less overwhelming, more manageable and achievable.

2. Set realistic goals
While it’s essential to aim high, ensure your goals are also realistic. Setting unachievable goals will ultimately end in frustration. 

3. Create a timeline
Establish a timeline for your goals, for example; running 10k before September. To do this you need to have smaller milestones to reach before this. 

4. Prioritise
Not all goals are equal in importance. Prioritise your goals based on their significance and impact. 

5. Seek Accountability
Share your goals with friends and family, you may even find they have the same goals as you! This will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. 

6. Be flexible
Don’t stress too much if life gets in the way a little bit! It happens, review your goals and carry on - you’ve got this! 

7. Celebrate Success
Remember to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments! This will keep you motivated. 

View your goal list as a personal GPS for the year. Think about what matters the most to you, what you can fit into your already busy schedule and be clear about what you want. Remember to celebrate those wins and go easy on yourself - life can already be challenging at times!