Office Storage Solutions
July 11, 2011

Take time out this summer to work out a decluttering and organisation plan for your office. Without a doubt, an organised workplace helps with productivity, but did you know that it also helps beat workplace stress and anxiety?

Whether you work from home or in a large office, Ryman is here to help with this handy guide on getting things organised at work.

A cluttered office can cause stress and frustration for a number of reasons. Firstly you can’t find the things you need quickly, causing you wasted time and effort. Secondly an untidy and disorganised space can reflect negatively on you and your work ethics!

You find your free space encroached upon which in turn limits your thinking time and stalls your productivity. You end up feeling unorganised and that leads to feeling guilty for not doing better. It’s a vicious circle which can be stopped very easily.

6 Steps to an organised office with Ryman

#1 Write a list of everything you do in your job. Starting with the tasks you do most often. Work your way down to the tasks you do least.

#2 Colour code your list so you can group your list and set up zones for similar items and office supplies.

#3 Sketch a plan of your office to identify the zones where you can add storage for your items. Keep in mind that the zones closest to your desk should be for the items you use the most.

#4 Create a plan for tackling some of the bigger areas like cupboards and drawers. An hour a day, a drawer or shelf at a time – whatever feels manageable.

#5 Drawers, cupboards and hard to reach shelves should be for bulky items, supplies you don’t use often or files that have to be stored out of sight.

#6 Everyday items should be placed on shelves closest to you. If you’re short on space add a couple of shelves above or next to your desk.

Storage Cubes and Shelving Units

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. Storage cubes or shelving units come in very handy for getting the clutter off your work space and into one of the tidy zones you’ve created.

Really Useful for your Shelves

Buy a couple of smaller sized Really Useful Boxes and use them as organisation for your drawers, on window sills or shelves.

Pastel Storage

Organisation is not just calming to achieve, it can be beautiful to look at as well. Especially with the Really Useful storage drawer unit in pastel colours.

Our Really Useful Best Seller

This Really Useful box is popular for a reason – it’s big, it’s easy to carry and it’s brilliant for stacking. Get those files off your shelves and stored neatly and out of the way in 35 litre boxes.

They come in a range of great colours, so they will look great stacked against the wall. We suggest getting one of each for colour coded stacking….

Feel great at work with the right office equipment & techniques

It’s essential to get up from your desk and move around. If you find it difficult to get up from your screen, try using the Pomodoro Technique to build up to a short break several times a day.

Use the time you’ve built up to walk once round the car park, or do some stretches or yoga (we won’t tell anyone) to feel energised and refreshed.

Essential office equipment for a comfortable working environment

In between writing and colour coding lists and sorting out cupboards, it is impossible to ignore the fact that you will have to do some work. Make it as comfortable and good for you as possible with some essential office equipment such a ergonomic chair, footrest or even a standing desk.

Working your way through our guide and identifying the key office storage pieces to make your work life easier will not only free up space and time for productivity and creativity; it will give you (and your boss) the impression of feeling more in control - which will help you feel a lot calmer, happier and more productive too.