Square Card Payment Reader for Small Businesses
January 24, 2018

The Square is the perfect pocket sized card reader for chip and contactless payments, opening doors to opportunity and making life easier.

The history of money over the ages is nothing if not fascinating. Haggling over goats and chickens soon gave way to civilisations minting their own coins with specific values.

Fast-forward from the early twentieth century when the first electric money was born, through a fast paced twenty first century where cash has by far been overshadowed by card, the safest and easiest payment method worldwide.

A growing number of small retailers and budding entrepreneurs now accept payments with a mobile card reader attached to a smartphone or tablet.

This is great news for small businesses and makes it easier than ever to accept card payments without the need for a dedicated PDQ machine and all the hassle and contracts that go hand in hand with them. Offering card payments ensures that you don’t miss a sale, simply because your customer doesn’t carry cash.

Easy to use, the Square plugs into your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad and along with a free app, allows you to accept credit and debit card payments.

A must have for those who want to run their business whenever and wherever they are! Great if you are a new start-up, grow your company using your square card payment reader. Maybe you trade a market stall or run an eBay or Etsy shop from the comfort of your own home. Whatever your business, this is a sure way to start selling more and fast.

Advantages of accepting card payments

Less Del Boy and More Alan Sugar 

Accepting card payments is definitely going to make your business appear more credible and will build your customers confidence and trust in your brand

Easier For The Customer

Most people assume that they will be able to pay on their cards and if the option wasn’t available to them it may prevent them from purchasing

Increase in Sales

More people may buy if they can pay by card and you may see a rise in your profits as a result

One Step Ahead

Stay in tune with the changing face of business and stay ahead of the competitive curve

Multiple Channels of Income

Accepting card payments isn’t just for face to face payment but also incorporates payments online and over the phone, broadening your horizons immensely

What is a payment reader & how does it work?

The Square Card Payment Reader is compatible with most payment methods including Chip and PIN (EMV) cards, Contactless (NFC) cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Included in the box is a free Square Magnetic Strip Reader so you are also able to accept international card payments.

There are no ‘hidden’ fees and you will see the money in your bank account in one or two business days! You pay the same rate for all major credit cards which is only 1.75% per contactless and chip and pin and 2.5% for keyed-in and online transactions.

How do you set up the Square Card Reader?

Download the free app, and follow the step by step instructions on how to get started. It’s just a case of turning it on, ensuring Bluetooth on your device is enabled and then pairing the devices.

Invest in a Square Dock to make life a little easier. Use the dock to keep your Square charged at all times. It features a long cord and non-slip base to keep your reader exactly where you want it.

For such a small device this payment reader is super secure, boasting encryption on multiple layers to ensure that your data and your customer's data is secure. The battery life is impressive as well! The bottom line? This payment reader gives an excellent experience both for the buyer and the seller alike.