Summer Garden Ideas
April 21, 2020

Summer Garden Ideas: 5 Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained In The Garden

Summer Garden Ideas – the mere thought of trying to rack your brains to come up with them can be too much to deal with, especially during these trying circumstances! Fear not though, we’ve come up with ways to keep the kids (and let’s be honest, the adults too) entertained; from Frozen T-Shirt Competitions to Hopscotch, we’re determined to keep the Summer fun going!

5 Easy Summer Garden Ideas


 1.Frozen T-Shirt Competition

When we’re lucky enough to get some sun, and the paddling pool just won’t cut it anymore, ramp it up with a Frozen T-Shirt Competition!

Simply take some old t-shirts, soak them in water and freeze overnight. The object of the game is then to see who can defrost and put the t-shirt on, in the quickest time.


 2. Hopscotch

One benefit of spending the majority of our time at home lately, is that there has been a newly embraced love of traditional garden games, such as Hopscotch.

You need barely any materials to set this up, but provides hours of entertainment.

Take a look at our ultimate guide to the perfect Hopscotch.


 3. Rainbow Pebbles

What better way to make use of paint that the kids have lying around, than to make Rainbow Pebbles!

Rainbows are a wonderful addition to our everyday lives at the moment, and by creating these mini masterpieces, you’ll be keeping the kids entertained and also showing your support for our amazing key workers.


 4. Cress Heads

Most of us can remember being amazed at being able to grow cress on some tissue paper, when we were younger.

Bring the old-school ideas into 2020, with these Cress Heads! Once you’ve created them, pop them outside in the sun and watch the magic happen!


 5. Garden Dens

The ultimate hero of all summer garden ideas, the simple Garden Den is an absolute legend!

Get involved with the kids and help create your very own fortress from the safety of your own back garden, we guarantee that both you and the kids will love it!