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Teacher Stationery Checklist – All of Your Classroom Essentials

Teacher Stationery Checklist – All of Your Classroom Essentials

Get your teacher stationery essentials ready for the new academic year! Not sure what you need? We've got a handy checklist for you to use...

Like students, teachers need to be well prepared for the school year and stocked up on those stationery essentials. New topics to learn, new pupils to teach…you’ll need a pen for that! What you need is a teacher stationery checklist so you don’t forget anything. Where would you find a teacher stationery checklist? Right here! Make sure you’re prepared ahead of the new academic year and get all your teacher essentials at Ryman.

Teacher Stationery Essentials

Making your stationery last throughout the school year is the goal. You don’t want to keep going back and forth to the shops every time a pen runs out or a pencil breaks. Look out for multipacks of stationery to keep your supply well stocked for longer.

We have pulled together our top 10 teacher stationery picks for you to add to your shopping basket:

Getting the Best Value Stationery

Stocking up on stationery is a must for teachers. As we mentioned earlier, buying multipacks where possible is going to save you time and money in the long run. You will need to resupply on some items throughout the year though, pencils do have a habit of getting lost.

To make sure your stationery lasts as long as possible throughout the school year, here are a few tips to make note of:

1. Don’t take your multipacks to school 

Only take 2 pencils and pens at a time. If you take the whole pack, often students will ‘borrow’ pieces of stationery that they have forgotten and you’ll likely never see them again. Take a pen that you will use and a back up and leave the rest safely at home until they are needed.

2. Keep your lids on your pens

We know, it’s obvious! But keeping your lids on your pens will stop them from drying out and will last a lot longer.

3. Buy high quality stationery

Investing in your stationery is important as good stationery will last a lot longer than low quality cheaper options. Luckily, Ryman is the expert and will always provide quality stationery that you can rely on.

4. Organise your stationery

Well organised stationery is less likely to get damaged. Keeping everything safe in a pencil case rather than rolling around loose in your bag is going to prevent breakages and pen leaks. Make sure you don’t over pack your pencil case though or you may run the risk of damaging the zip.

5. Keep your notebooks well organised

We all love a clean page to start writing on, but if you’ve got a page that’s only half filled with writing, use the remaining half of the page. Not being wasteful and using all of the pages given to you in a notebook will certainly help them last longer.

All of your teacher stationery essentials can be found at Ryman. Did you know that we also offer a 10% education discount throughout the year? High quality stationery at a competitive price, what more could you ask for?

You can find all of your stationery must-haves on our website. If you want some personal items to take to school, why not take a look at our new personalised teacher range?

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